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What is VoIP?
Cloud VoIP vs. On-Premise VoIP
What is Cloud-Based VoIP?
What is On-Premise VoIP?
What’s Better: Cloud-Based or On-Premise VoIP?

Cloud-Based Phone System

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol“, and basically means that your phone calls are placed over the internet, rather than traditional phone lines.

Unlike traditional business phone systems that force you to use a phone at a specific place using a specific device, with VoIP, you’re free to:

  • Make/receive calls anywhere there’s internet
  • Call from a variety of devices (such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer).
  • Use the same business phone number anywhere (at home, on the road, or in the office) for both making and receiving calls.
  • …and many other benefits.
Cloud VoIP vs On-Premise VoIP

Cloud VoIP vs. On-Premise VoIP

What is Cloud-Based VoIP?

Cloud-based VoIP is hosted at your VoIP provider’s data center, rather than at your location. Also known as a cloud phone system or off-site VoIP, it means that your business doesn’t have to manage any phone system hardware (specifically a “PBX”).

To get a bit more technical, cloud VoIP combines the services of a traditional phone system (or PBX) and those of a local/long distance phone service provider, connecting them to hardware that is in highly secure, redundantly powered, geographically diverse data centers, instead of being located at your office. Intulse is a cloud-based phone system and service.


Hosted VoIP = Cloud VoIP

You may have also heard cloud-based phone systems called hosted VoIP or a cloud-hosted PBX. They’re all essentially the same thing.

Hosted means that the phone system hardware/PBX is physically located at an off-site place, managed by a team of dedicated VoIP experts. It’s a popular VoIP option because the business doesn’t have to invest precious resources to maintain and upgrade the business phone system hardware or PBX.

An office can have VoIP telephone service that powers their phones in the office, but their PBX could be hosted at their VoIP provider’s data center, thus the term: “hosted VoIP”.

What is On-Premise VoIP?

On-premise VoIP means the PBX and phone system hardware is on-site at your physical business location.

What’s Better: Cloud-Based or On-Premise VoIP?

There are many benefits to using a Hosted VoIP solution (such as Intulse) rather than an on-premise VoIP system or a traditional phone system. Cloud phone systems are great for businesses because:

  • Cloud VoIP is cheaper. Our VoIP service costs much less to set up than an on-premise PBX. In many cases, there are practically no setup fees for an Intulse hosted VoIP system.
  • There’s no PBX to buy. Hosted VoIP phone systems fall under operational expenditure rather than capital expenditure. That’s very attractive to many organizations (including small businesses and nonprofits).
  • There’s no PBX to set up, maintain, or upgrade. Our experts do that work for you. You don’t need to worry about becoming a telecom or VoIP expert in order to get VoIP up and running quickly and accurately.

You’re probably already familiar with many similar technologies that allow you to use audio and video communication on your favorite devices.

In much the same way, Intulse’s VoIP phone solutions harness the power of high-speed internet (which your business likely already has) and the latest technology advancements to deliver secure, reliable communication tools for both small and large businesses.

Plus, it’s delivered with smart, budget-friendly VoIP pricing.

Reliable. Efficient. Powerful.