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How to Select the Best Phone System for an Insurance Agency

Wondering how to Select the Best Phone System for your Insurance Agency?

For insurance companies far and wide, frustrating, outdated phone systems cause many hardships in communication with customers. In an industry where communication can already be a challenge but vital to your success, don’t allow your phone systems to add another complicated layer to the mix. 

With a phone service that works, your agency can go from frustrated and burnt out to communicating with ease and focusing on what you do best. 

So how do you choose the right phone system for your agency?

What is a Managed VoIP phone system?

Managed VoIP phone systems offer the support and flexibility many agencies search for. You no longer have to worry about your phone system’s setup, ongoing updates, or troubleshooting but can instead work with a dedicated support team to handle these items for you. 

Managed VoIP gives businesses the tools they want and need with the support to keep it all running smoothly. 

This cloud-based phone system comes with various useful features for your business. 

Managed VoIP is a cloud-based phone system that offers features you want and need, not just bells and whistles you’ll never use. 

Some of the most common features you may want to consider for a worry-free phone service include: 

  • Call forwarding: Forward calls with ease to other numbers, extensions, or voicemails to help customers talk with who they need. 
  • Call holding and transferring: Insurance agents can put callers on hold or transfer calls into other departments or representatives for assistance and faster customer service. 
  • Call monitoring and recording: Enjoy the option to monitor or record calls for training purposes or to have them on record for future reference. 
  • Call presence: This feature allows agents to display if and when they are busy or available to take calls. 
  • Call routing: Customize how you want incoming calls to be fielded to your team. This can be customized to your needs, placing callers with the first available agent, most qualified agent, etc. 
  • Unified communications as a service (UCaaS): Access one central place for all of your communication services, including SMS texting, voicemails, live chatting, and more. 

Five Things To Look For In Your Next Insurance Business Phone System 

1. Easy Setup

Setting up a new system may be daunting to you and your team. Forget the old days of complicated integrations and the need for IT assistance. 

You don’t want something complicated – if it takes more than 10 minutes to set up, try something else. Once you’ve plugged in, setting up features such as greetings, call routing, voicemail, etc., should be a piece of cake. Make sure to shop around and ensure from sales reps that setup is super easy. Finding an intuitive phone system that works for you is a must. 

2. Reliability

Being accessible and available to your clients is crucial in the insurance industry. Communication is vital for the success of your business and having a phone system that makes this easier is the goal. Consider technology roadblocks like internet disruptions and power outages when shopping around, too. 

Having a reliable way for customers to contact you is key. 

3. Virtual Receptionist Capabilities 

Many callers will give up or go elsewhere when the phone rings and rings. Forget the days of busy signals and rely on a virtual receptionist to help you manage incoming calls and provide exceptional customer service. Personalized greetings, options for call forwarding, and simple ways to connect with your team make the user experience for clients top-notch. 

Even if you’re a smaller agency, the phone may be your first opportunity to create a positive impression on potential business. 

4. Mobility

Having a phone system that can work from anywhere is necessary, especially in today’s day and age. From the office to your home and even on the go, never miss a call from your clients or employees again. With a managed VoIP phone service, you can always stay connected and in the loop with your business and partners. Also, ensure your phone system offers appropriate call forwarding options to get callers to the person they’re looking for with ease. 

5. Capture Customer Communications Preferences

A positive customer experience is essential to reducing customer turnover and increasing client retention. A business where customers can talk with someone is always positive. VoIP enhances the customer service experience by allowing you to serve your customers faster and eliminate busy tones or call waiting. 

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Intulse’s Managed VoIP Solutions 

At Intulse, we know that you need an easy-to-use, unified communication system for your insurance business communications to be a highly-productive leader. Whether you focus on commercial or personal insurance or are a large or small insurance agency, we help you get away from clunky, outdated phones and set towards streamlined, simple solutions. 

Our team is here to help you find the perfect solution for your insurance agency’s needs, with many available options. We set out to be a full-service support company that partners with insurance agencies to become an extension of their organization, supporting agency communications as if Intulse was an actual employee.

Schedule your free discovery call with our team to get started or learn more about our phone solutions!