We value simple transparent pricing and we want our proposals to give you as complete a picture of what your costs will be with Intulse as possible. There are some fees which we can not estimate on a proposal but we still want you to know about them. For the overwhelming majority of clients these fees are very minor and will only add a few dollars to their total invoice.

E911 Fees
Intulse already charges a monthly fee for every phone number you have which is represented on this proposal. This fee already covers a myriad of regulatory fees and other costs incurred by Intulse to keep your number operational. In response to Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act Intulse passes through an additional$2 surcharge for all phone numbers with E911 enabled on them. You can read more about these laws on the FCC’s website at https://www.fcc.gov/mlts-911-requirements
We have elected not to bundle this new fee into our existing base “per number” fee because not all numbers need E911 and we didn’t want our clients to have to pay this fee for all their phone numbers.

For more information see: E911 Fees

Text Messaging Fees
Intulse does not charge anything for incoming messages or outgoing messages sent through our app, that feature is included in your per extension charges. For messages SENT using our API or integrations that use our API we charge $0.007 for SMS messages and $0.019 for MMS messages.

Intulse does pass on the per-message surcharge mobile carriers bill to Intulse for 10DLC.

What is 10DLC? Well, that’s a big question with a long answer but the short version is that 10DLC is a massive, industry wide, effort to reduce text message spam. For more information see our article on
10DLC Business Messaging
For more information see: Text Messaging Fees

Call Recording Storage Fees

Intulse clients have the ability to record calls automatically or on demand and we do not charge for this feature. However, we do charge for the storage of the recordings.

Call recordings are approximately 1 MB per minute of recording. You can use this to anticipate your approximate storage needs and resulting fees. For example, if your organization were to spend 1 hour of time on recorded calls per business day in a month it would increase your bill by $0.12.
Intulse charges $0.10 per GB per month of storage used.

For more information see: Call Recording Storage Fees