NowCerts VoIp Integration​

NowCerts Insurance CRM + Intulse VoIP Integration

Intulse has harnessed the power of NowCerts, offering insurance clients task management, self-service certificates, ACORD forms, invoices and receipts, email synchronization, loss runs, reports, endorsements, permissions, reminders, and more – all in one simple place.

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Why Integrate NowCerts with VoIP

Intulse NowCerts CRM integrations bring together the best of all your systems in one simple-to-access place, so you can improve workflows and boost your team’s productivity. 

Say goodbye to frustrating siloed data, and harness the potential of NowCerts integrations for your business. NowCerts Insurance CRM + Intulse VoIP Integration offers more than just features and solutions. Partnering with Intulse means you gain an entire team of trusted professionals on your side. In addition, you will have features including: 

  • Auto-logging
  • Call recording
  • Document compliance 
  • Alerts
  • View Call History
  • Pinned Notes
  • Click to call
  • Auto Call recording

With NowCerts, you can have your calls automatically recorded and logged to meet the 2023 CMS Ruling.

We promise to do what we say. We’ll earn your trust as your valued VoIP partner and back it up with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bring NowCerts & VoIP Together

Intulse VoIP integration with NowCerts offer features your agents will want and need, including:

Call directly from anywhere

Auto Call Logging

Use In-browser caller ID

Enjoy robust analytics and call recording

Set reminders and tasks

Updates Customer Data in Real-Time

Streamline Marketing and Sales Efforts

We promise to do what we say. We’ll earn your trust as your valued VoIP partner and back it up with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Man using the mobile app to access SuiteCRM through Intulse VoIP integration

NowCerts VoIP Integration That Works

Intulse is taking the power of the NowCerts database solution for insurance agencies to the next level with our deep integration. The convenience of call auto-logging, call recording, the ability to add detailed call notes, and so much more are just a few of the items that significantly improve your organization’s compliance documentation and day-to-day workflow.  

  • Alerts provide detail on who is calling and offer a direct link to that record in NowCerts
  • View call history and log calls with detailed notes, including a full call recording link with one click
  • Click the name of a person on an active call and get an info box displaying the servicing Agent, as well as any pinned notes
  • Leverage our click-to-call feature for every phone number in the NowCerts database
  • Have every phone interaction auto-logged as a note in the appropriate record inside of NowCerts
  • Quickly add the internal user/extension of the contact’s number to the note details in NowCerts

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A trusted partner is the key to operational success. Why choose Intulse? We proudly offer 24/7 US-based customer service, emphasize our commitment to our clients, and provide easy-to-use software. Additionally, our 4.6-star rating earned us a feature as 2020’s Best Valued VOIP by

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What Other Clients Are Saying

“We needed to streamline communication between remote team members and track all client contact quickly and easily so that clients and leads did not fall through the cracks. With Intulse integrating with our CRM, our team was able to take on more client call volume regardless of their location, all while cutting down the time needed to find and manage that client’s record and notes.”

— Lauren E. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, almost every active voice/fax number is portable via federal guidelines, meaning you can likely keep your phone number. Intulse can confirm if your numbers are portable as part of the discovery call (schedule here).

Our integration provides several layers of functionality:

  1. It allows for click to call from inside NowCerts (or any other website).
  2. It allows incoming calls trigger popup notifications that include NowCerts information and a direct link to the relevant NowCerts records.
  3. It allows for the Intulse app to show NowCerts contact record information on any screen that would normally just show a phone number.
  4. Call logging for outbound and inbound calls can be done manually or automatically into NowCerts so a complete record of all calls exists in NowCerts.
  5. You can start calls to NowCertscontacts from the Intulse app.

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VoIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol,” and means your business phone calls are placed over the internet, rather than through traditional phone lines. No clunky/ expensive servers (ex. PBX) or technicians are needed because Intulse hosts and manages the phone system for you. It means you can make and receive phone calls anywhere you have an internet connection, such as your home office. Learn more here.

From one extension to one thousand, Intulse VOIP phone solutions for NowCerts provide users with a flexible, feature-rich VoIP service that grows and changes with your company today and years down the road.

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