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Top 5 Ways to Increase Collaboration using Your VoIP Business Phone

Practical communication skills are one of the most critical assets every business owner needs. One of the best ways to supplement these skills is reliable communication tools to assist them in managing their business. For years, the office phone has been a staple in every workplace to contact clients and fellow personnel. However, are they still as efficient in these modern times? Many business owners would say yes, but better options have been introduced with the rapid advancement in technology.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone systems is a modern take on the traditional desk phone. It allows users to install specific software on their devices to make and receive business calls and texts on their own devices without using their personal phone numbers. It uses its network to connect users and provide high-definition phone calls as a cloud-based phone system over the internet. Read on to know more about how VoIP can become a valuable addition to your business and which specific benefits it has to offer.

Collaboration for Today’s Businesses

Collaboration for today’s businesses is critical for their success. The hosted VoIP solution from Intulse provides multi-way calling and other features that you need to springboard Collaboration. For example, conference calling is easier than ever — you can quickly join a person or two on an existing call. You can do that from a button on your phone or by using the built-in Intulse conferencing solution. Just dial the four-digit extension, become part of that conference, and collaborate with the rest of your team. By collaborating with Intulse, you can lower your current conference call costs while improving Collaboration.

There are many benefits to using Intulse’s cloud-based VoIP. For example, you can get call notifications for inbound calls to identify who the caller is before you even answer the phone. Then either during or after that call, you can create a call log and a call note that seamlessly records it in your existing database. You can make or receive calls with ease through our efficient communication services. 

Unified Communication Tools Tailored to Your Business

The Intulse App provides your organization with a hub for communication and control over your phone system as a unified communication tool. It is user-friendly and intuitive, and you install it and use it just like any other app. 

This app gives you an array of valuable tools right at your fingertips, including the ability to send and receive text messages. When you send a text from this app, you’ll be sending it through your business phone number, allowing others in your organization to see the text history and keeping your phone number away from prying eyes. This enables you to keep up your productivity without compromising your privacy.

One of the most convenient feature of the Intulse Dashboard is the ability to manage your voicemail through the graphical user interface (GUI). With the click of a mouse, you can save, forward, or delete a voicemail. Typically, you have to do all that from your desk phone, but you can access these features through your device of choice through our software. 

Call Notifications for Inbound Calls

One thing that sets the Intulse VoIP business phone system apart from traditional desk phones is how it notifies you and your employees of inbound calls. Business owners and other employees have many responsibilities to juggle, so it’s a given that they cannot attend to phone calls 24/7. Intulse ensures that you will never have to miss out on any necessary phone calls again. You’ll be alerted for every call through a notification on your smartphone or device of choice, usually sent via text. These calls are then recorded even if you’re not there to take them, so if you’re unable to respond due to your schedule or other responsibilities, you’ll have an idea of what to expect and who you have to respond to once you’re available to take the calls.

Once the inbound call comes in, it is immediately stored in the VoIP’s cloud system. Thanks to this feature, you’ll be able to tend to any missed calls that came in while you were unavailable. The notifications will help you identify how many times they called and when they called to help you determine which calls to prioritize. 

Extremely Accessible Data

VoIP business phone systems are one of the most accessible forms of communication today. Its functions and features can be accessed on the application it comes with. You’ll be able to make calls whenever and wherever you please, as long as you have access to a secure internet connection and your mobile phone. Aside from making and taking calls, using VoIP also enables users to view their call history and catch up on all the inbound calls they’ve missed. These missed calls and other forms of data are usually stored inside the VoIP’s system, allowing you to keep prioritizing your needs without missing out on any critical conversations.

Intulse’s user-friendly and advanced features create a convenient and innovative experience for all users! Make calls from anywhere in the world for an affordable price. Whether you’re receiving calls from someone in the next town or reaching out to a potential business partner who lives across the globe, VoIP provides smooth and high-definition calls at your disposal! For any issues or concerns, the Intulse team can easily be contacted. 

Maintains Consistency Between Users

Cloud-based business phone systems, such as VoIP, are quickly rising in demand as users acknowledge its benefits to their business. VoIP business phone systems are specifically designed to connect users and enable seamless communication through cutting-edge technology. As a constantly evolving service that prioritizes their client’s needs, Intulse exerts utmost effort to ensure that all phone calls made within their services are smooth and stress-free.

Intulse can help you boost your business’s quality of customer service. All calls can be accessed through any compatible device, which allows your personnel to tend to existing and potential clients even when they’re not present in your office. Intulse’s interface and features are easy to work with and understand. You can easily make and receive calls or tap into conference calls when meeting with your team and business partners. All calls that go through this cloud-based business phone system are rendered in high definition each time. It’s accessible and convenient to use for all parties, serving as a reliable asset for your business. 

Allows for Remote Programs

One of the best things about VoIP business phone systems is that they allow you to work with the resources you already have. Business owners can use VoIP without leaving their workplaces or even their homes. From inquiries to installation, your business VoIP providers will do all the work for you. Intulse can be contacted online for any questions regarding our services. We will send out representatives from our team to install the software to your devices, with no additional equipment or hardware needed. The installation process is swift and easy, with minimal downtime during maintenance. From there, you can begin using your all-new VoIP business phone system! Our team will also come to you directly if you require any repairs or assistance.

Since the software can be accessed through any compatible device, our VoIP software can easily support remote programs. Employees can still work and take calls from home as long as they have their devices. Business meetings can even be held through VoIP, eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings unless it is absolutely necessary. This ensures overall productivity, regardless of when the calls are made or where your personnel is located. Whether you are at the office or in the comfort of your own home, these high-definition phone services are easily accessible at any time. 

Make the Switch to VoIP Today!

There are several ways VoIP business phone systems aid your business. By providing an efficient platform for communication throughout and beyond the workplace, you and your personnel can easily discover opportunities to expand your reach and help your business grow. Intulse’s VoIP phone system is made to be convenient, secure, and easy to use. With such an advanced level of features at your fingertips, communication issues are one less thing to worry about.

Intulse has been catering to all of our clients’ web development needs since 2015. We utilize our expertise to provide our customers with the best quality of service. We aim to provide an accessible and affordable means of communication for all businesses, whether large-scale or just starting. Contact us today, and see how our VoIP phone solutions can meet your business communication needs.