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Intulse: An incredibly powerful VoIP business phone system that integrates with the most popular CRM and systems.

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Track call information, take notes, automate workflows, and so much more using robust integrations that do more than just click-to-call.

Intulse Business VoIP Phone Systems

A great fit for any industry. Learn how Intulse can help any business connect more effectively.


Discover how Intulse leverages call recording and tracking, as well as other powerful features, combined with insurance CRM integration to help agencies.

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Learn more about how Intulse integrates with tools like RedTail and WealthBox to provide a powerful VoIP solution that does more than the basics.

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Intulse has a heart for the Kingdom, so our partnerships with ChMS providers offers a flexible phone solution for churches that helps keep communities connected.

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When time tracking, efficiency, and clear records count Intulse offers a solution that makes it easy for law firms to track everything

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Hospitality, retail, marketing agencies, and more – any business can benefit from the cloud-based VoIP solution provided by Intulse.

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  • Insurance Agency Finds Solution With AgencyBloc VoIP Phone Integration

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  • Church Phone System Saves Money & Unites Communication With Integrated VoIP

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  • Independent Financial Service Firm Wins With A Comprehensive VoIP System For Redtail Technologies

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