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9 Myths About A Cloud-Based Phone System

Cloud-based phone systems – ever heard of them? Whether or not you know what they are, you’ve probably encountered them before without even realizing it.

A cloud-based phone system, or cloud phone, is a phone service that allows you to make calls over the internet, rather than traditional phone systems or analog phone lines that use copper wires or optical fibers to make the connection.

Cloud phones are hosted in one or more offsite secure data centers, but the mystery of ‘the cloud’ seems to leave some people wondering how they work. We’re sharing nine myths we frequently hear about cloud-based phone systems and debunking what’s true and what’s just rumors.

1. Cloud systems are more expensive than other options.


The Intulse VoIP cloud-based solution offers a very attractive pricing model, with little or no upfront costs and a fixed, affordable monthly fee. Two types of VoIP solutions are available and have remarkably different pricing structures. For example, with a cloud-based VoIP solution from Intulse, you get all-inclusive, predictable, consistent, and easy-to-understand pricing that provides all the support you need.

In addition, connecting multiple locations is super easy. It’s just a matter of purchasing some new phones and placing them in those additional locations. It’s very portable and very predictable.

In contrast, on-premise VoIP solutions are expensive and require a capital investment to get the necessary expensive hardware. You also need to employ high-priced, high-skilled IT staff to set up, maintain and service that hardware, or pay an expensive service contract from your vendor. Also, there are typically additional fees for minutes used and long-distance or international call charges that you’re going to pay on an ongoing basis.

2. You need to be a tech genius to set it up.


Unlike when you have desk phone landlines installed, which causes complete chaos in the office, with cloud-based systems, it really couldn’t be any simpler. Desk phones are NOT required but are optional and can be easily moved to any internet connection if necessary. Everything else gets configured through the web portal that doesn’t require any IT skills.

If you know how to check your email, chances are you can set up a cloud phone system.

3. Monitoring and recording calls with a Cloud-Based Phone Systems is tough.


Cloud-Based Phone Systems are very easy to maintain. It’s pretty simple to monitor, manage or route the calls per one’s requirement. To the front-end user, these tasks happen with a simple click of a button, providing a much-adored user experience. In addition, the dashboard or web portal provided by a service provider makes it quite efficient to record and maintain calls.

4. You can’t keep your existing phone number.


Companies are often reluctant to shift to the cloud because of the risk of losing existing customers by changing their phone numbers.

Intulse allows clients to transfer (PORTING) their existing number from a previous provider to their new Intulse system. Your number will behave in exactly the same way as it did before. The only change is that now you can take advantage of cloud phone system features.

5. Cloud-based service is insecure.


Cloud telephone services can employ advanced security measures for vendors that maintain large data centers and handle all of the data storage. These partners are aware of the sensitivity of the information stored and the damage it may cost when rendered in the wrong hands.

Such vendors usually employ high-end technology to prevent any loss or misuse of data. Additionally, cloud-based service providers cannot overhear or attain call recordings, rendering all information safe and authorized.

6. You will lose control of having to maintain a physical server.

True and False:

You won’t lose control, per se, but you won’t have to worry about managing a physical server.

Now, you won’t be required to swap hard drives or install extra RAM as your business scales. This advanced feature unique to cloud phone systems will free up the time to manage your data, which is still yours to control. You still control who and how users access the data and will still have control over data flows and work processes.

7. VoIP is only a big business solution.


There is often a big difference between what is practical for a big business and what is suitable for a small business. In many cases, the internet has become a great equalizer. One of the best things about cloud phones is that they are flexible. Small businesses in numerous business markets can start with as little as a single connection and quickly expand.

And the best part? Every time your business grows, no technicians are tromping through to run another wire, and no exorbitant installation fees.

8. Quality is reduced with cloud-based options.


Cloud phone systems’ call quality is high-level, and many people don’t notice a difference from other options. This is an excellent option for businesses needing performance management.

9. Getting started is difficult.


Not anymore! This myth came from the early days of mobile phones when the cell networks were far less complete, and it was easy to step ‘out of range accidentally.’

The reality is that your office has a permanent high-speed internet and Wi-Fi connection, meaning cloud phones often have far greater audio fidelity than your favorite smartphone. Your system can even exceed the quality of modern HD landlines.

Harness the power of cloud-based solutions for your business

The cloud-based VoIP solution from Intulse facilitates direct connectivity to your business and employees. A key feature of the Intulse system is a virtual receptionist, which makes it easy and convenient for callers to connect with the person or department that can best help them. In addition, a key customer service advanced feature that Intulse offers is line queues for ring groups. That would be a group of phones or persons who are available to answer those incoming calls and provide the best customer service experience to those calls.

Employees away from their desks or out in the field can get email notifications that they have a voicemail. Using the Intulse app, you can manage your voice mailbox and forward, save, or delete a voicemail message right from the palm of your hand. With this system, you can also pre-record and queue up custom greetings that correspond to your business calendar.

To learn more about connectivity and the convenience of a cloud-based VoIP solution from Intulse, visit our website at https://www.intulse.com.