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Church Phone System Saves Money & Unites Communication With Integrated VoIP

About St. Luke’s Methodist

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church works hard to serve its congregation and community members as best they can. But without effective communication abilities to handle all incoming calls or remote access to their phone lines, church leaders find that building stronger relations becomes much more challenging than it sounds. 

St. Luke’s came to Intulse needing a solution for their church phone systems. The results? Well, see for yourself. 

Executive Summary:

Like many religious organizations, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church of Houston, Texas, had been searching for a way to better communicate with their congregation and community members after years of using expensive and outdated church VoIP provider (Voice over Internet Protocol). 

To help them improve their performance and enhance their communication, they connect with Intulse to revamp their VoIP solution, create a unified communication system, and provide a better experience for church employees and members alike. 

The Challenge: 

St. Luke’s had the intention of providing a seamless and responsive communication experience for their members. Yet, the church phone tree utilized old handsets that were failing and incompatible with their other software. Because of this, the team couldn’t log calls, use their church phone remotely, or leverage personal mobile phones internally. 

After learning about Intulse’s integrations and the ways their church VoIP integrated with other software, specifically Rock RMS, St. Luke’s was ready to make the change and engage with Intulse. With over 15 years of experience, St. Luke’s trusted Intulse’s reputation and experience working with other churches much like theirs. 

The Solution: 

St. Luke’s church employees wanted features that offered mobility, database integration, the ability to connect/re-use current phones, and an entire support team within their new setup. Intulse provided just that. 

With over 125 needed church phone lines, Intulse took the team from outdated and lacking integrations to a seamless suite of VoIP systems that integrated with Rock RMS. Their experience with Intulse’s support team was top-notch, and Intulse offered a willingness to troubleshoot and train the team, even ‘after hours’. 

In the past, St. Luke’s had often been left with a ‘figure it out yourself’ response from vendors; however, Intulse consistently went above and beyond to meet their complex communication needs – and still does. 

The Results:

After working with Intulse, St. Luke’s saved money right away. From the start, their monthly telecom costs went down, and they saved time from not having to troubleshoot their phone lines. The staff at St. Luke’s feels much better informed about precise communication details with their parishioners. The team has provided the very best and well-informed care to all those with which they work. 

Intulse provides ongoing support with the team to get more of their Techsystems integrated across all platforms. Out with the old, in with the new! 

A Word from the Client:

“Intulse is a great VoIP solution that works great with our Rock DB Software Installation. Intulse also has great customer service – we know our Techs by name. We don’t have to worry about all the technical setup when we need to add an extension or DID – they do everything! We have worked well with the Intulse team, even with our more complicated ring-throughs and multiple line setups. I personally like the virtual phone app that works on my mobile device. I can answer my desk phone calls and check voicemail messages anywhere. I strongly suggest you give them a try, especially if you have and are using the Rock.” 

— Robert Elliott, Director of Technology at St. Luke Methodist Church

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Do the challenges that St. Luke’s faced sound familiar to you? If so, we can help take problems and flip them into solutions. With today’s technology, expensive, outdated, siloed phone systems don’t have to be how you operate. 

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Company Overview: 

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, based in Houston, Texas, is a whole family of ministries, united by one vision: A City Transformed by the Love of Jesus. 

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