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Independent Financial Service Firm Wins With A Comprehensive VoIP System For Redtail Technologies

Customer Overview

Stewardship Advisors is an Independent Financial Services Firm focused on personalizing solutions and serving hundreds of clients in South Central PA. Working with Stewardship Advisors is the first step in getting unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on your needs and goals.

At Stewardship Advisors, they provide guidance at the intersection of life and finance. Their wealth management expertise brings your life’s journey into focus by providing the clarity and confidence you need to make an informed choice about your future. They offer comprehensive, holistic, and unbiased advice that takes your whole story into account and helps you better plan your journey.

Executive Summary

Stewardship Advisors, an Independent Financial Services Firm focused on personalizing solutions, was in need of a VoIP service that integrated with Redtail Technology CRM. The solution had to be robust, customizable, and affordable.

Intulse provided a VoIP phone solution and integration that not only had all the pre-existing features but also all the new ones they wanted. With the Redtail integration, not only were they able to customize the phone system but also offered better customer service at a lower price point.


After two years of inconsistent service and performance with a well-known national brand VoIP provider that continued to promise but never delivers on building integration with Redtail Technologies CRM solution, Stewardship Advisors was on the hunt for a robust yet affordable replacement. The company didn’t need to be a local but would have been preferred.

Stewardship Advisors is accustomed to being on the cutting edge technologyvalued gained efficiencies, and streamlined systems but were ready to give up the search when it came to a CRM integrated VoIP option.


The key decision-makers at Stewardship Advisors found out about Intulse from a mutual friend and agreed to a demonstration of their VoIP phone solutions and integrations. The promise of getting the Redtail integration they desired, as well as additional features for a similar price point, was exciting. The ability to sit down with a local company and have them listen to the desired features, as well as the current problems being experienced, was quite refreshing.


Intulse was able to provide a feature-rich VoIP system for Stewardship that kept all of the features they needed. They also added features they did not have before, such as Intelligent call routingcall recordingauto logging of call records in the CRM, and more.

Intulse was able to provide a high level of customer service and phone system customization with Redtail integration at a lower price point than the previous provider. Eventually, Stewardship moved to another CRM called Wealthbox, and Intulse was able to provide the same high-level integration with them as well.

“They took the time to listen to the features we needed and the issues we were experiencing with our old system. They were able to build a system specifically for our firm that kept all of the features we needed and added features we did not have before.”

Mark Brinser, CFP – Financial Advisor

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