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Insurance Agency Finds Solution With AgencyBloc VoIP Phone Integration

When you have Legendary Care and Legendary Service, your operations and integrations must be equally equipped to provide customers with a Legendary experience. This was the goal of Legends United Insurance Agency: to improve their customer experience and improve their phone communication through utilizing a managed VoIP phone system.


Legends United Insurance Agency provides personalized insurance solutions for individuals and is committed to protecting and improving their clients’ personal and financial health. They meet the challenge of ensuring that clients receive the most appropriate insurance solutions to meet their needs best. 

Legends United empowers their team by arming them with industry-leading tools and technologies, allowing them to deliver a world-class experience for all clients.


Legends United came to Intulse needing some help. They were experiencing issues with their dialer platform for insurance agents and customers, which didn’t effectively display company names on caller IDs and negatively impacted the customer experience. Phone numbers were continuously changing, and using a product that had no integration with their Agent Management System, AgencyBloc, created challenges. 

Clients were also unable to leave voicemail messages for direct extensions, and many of the incoming calls were being misrouted or dropped. 

That’s when they called Intulse to help. 

Legends United was excited to partner with Intulse after learning about their voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone services for insurance agencies, reading their glowing online reviews, the affordability of integrations and benefits, and the ease of implementation to get it all going. 


Intulse assisted Legends United with a VoIP phone solution that suited their team of 25 users and provided their must-haves to create a better experience for customers. These included recording call logs into AgencyBloc, chat capabilities, individual voicemail inboxes, and correctly displaying company names on caller ID. With improvements in these areas, they hoped to provide a seamless customer experience.

Intulse’s VOIP phone service provides a flexible, feature-rich communication system on a robust network that can grow and change for any insurance company perfect for Legends. Intulse created an insurance VoIP phone solution for the team that offered integrations with more than one platform – a non-negotiable – and organized all of their extensions in one simple place. Simplifying and streamlining were the main focuses. 


After implementing the new insurance agency phone system from Intulse, Legends United has saved hundreds in cost and improved their client retention and overall communication. The open menu system and phone directory helped the team improve their client response time and reduced time spent making sure clients get routed correctly.

The phone solution has provided integrations across platforms, a reliable network for their entire team to work from, and improved customer service inquiries. Today, their team can focus on the business’s essential aspects that keep growing the company, not the hangups from their phone system that were causing customer frustrations. 

A Word From The Client

“Overall, it has been a great experience. I’m impressed with how the company has assisted us with the setup and currently manages support to our company. Especially since we are a 100% remote company, it is not a simple task”Andrea Jimenez, Operations Manager


We are ready to help you find solutions to your problems that make sense for your company! For insurance companies wanting to integrate VoIP features into their AgencyBloc CRM seamlessly, AgencyBloc & Intulse VoIP is the perfect solution. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help your business!

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