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Top Benefits of Integrating Your Church Management Systems with Your VoIP Phone System

Trying to find the right ChMS and Phone System Integration?

As a church, one of your organization’s top priorities is likely to communicate with your people effectively. When you have the right tools and processes to streamline these efforts, communication becomes second nature with members, visitors, regular attendees, staff, community members, and others you may be reaching. 

If your church isn’t already harnessing the power of a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform and management system, now is the time to start using one. VoIP phone systems help churches, ministries, and houses of worship seamlessly manage their operations and deliver timely and accurate information across multiple channels.

Communicating with your people is vital, so find a solution that helps make that mission easier. Effective communication can be difficult, but VoIP can change the game for churches. Unsure of how a VoIP solution could work for your congregation? Learn more about the many benefits and how you can get started using one in your organization today. 

How Do You Communicate, Connect, and Stay Engaged with your Church Community?

Efficient communication is crucial to aid faith-based organizations in uniting their congregation and fostering stronger relationships with communities worldwide. This is why a robust church phone system solution is essential to help churches and ministries streamline information delivery and simplify operational workflows. 

If you’re new to VoIP and are searching for reliable VoIP service providers in your area, Intulse can help you find the perfect solution for your needs, implement the setup, and train your team to use it all. 

One key element Intulse has discovered is that most churches sadly lack the connection between their phone solution and their central database system. This results in phone calls not being logged, notes about those calls not existing, data about inbound/outbound calls unavailable for reporting, critical or sensitive conversations not able to be recorded for future reference, and a lack of information about the caller quickly available to provide the best potential for excellent care.

VoIP Service For Churches – Benefits And More

Intulse’s powerful and easy-to-use phone systems for churches and ministries features can help pastors, church administrators, staff, and volunteers all stay in touch with each other in congregations of any size. Inbound and outbound phone calls are always answered, routed, or handled easily and never missed.

Some notable benefits many churches experience when using ChMS and phone system integrations include:

  • Expanding Reach – A VoIP phone system can help church organizations widen their reach to new circles and congregations through powerful VoIP tools. 
  • Simplifying Information Delivery – Enterprise-grade VoIP features, including call conferencing, instant messaging, and voicemail to email, can help ministry and church leaders quickly address issues and easily send and receive information in real-time. 
  • Building Stronger Relations – Church organizations have hundreds or thousands of members, often worldwide, that need support and aid in many different ways. With VoIP phone service, churches and ministries can lend support to their members and engage with the people in the community effectively and efficiently. 
  • Streamlining Operations To Better Manage Tasks – Use a VoIP system to manage and track data and tasks for schedules, donations, volunteers, account records, and more. VoIP also helps church leaders and workers streamline their operations by prioritizing tasks and handling events and other faith-based activities.

How Do Houses of Worship Cut Communication Costs Through VoIP?

VoIP is a revolutionary technology that offers an inexpensive telephony solution to help faith-based organizations cut telecommunications costs. Traditional church communication systems can be costly and outdated. VoIP is changing that game. 

Ministries can leverage a VoIP phone system to support their organizations’ technological needs and communication budgets. By using a VoIP phone service, churches can lessen costs associated with phone system service and only pay for features they want and need. With Intulse as a partner, churches can also receive the training they need to effectively use their technology and receive hands-on troubleshooting assistance from experts when needed. 

Managed VoIP Phone Solutions For Church Ministries

Intulse is using the power of ChMS and Phone System Integration to provide churches with the necessary communication tools. With optimized tracking, call logging, and mobile capabilities, welcome to a church VoIP phone system that’s truly dialed in to how you want to serve your members and guests.

Read our case study how an integrated VoIP Phone System helped a Church Ministry

Get feature-rich phone systems and outstanding customer service with our VoIP church phone system and phone tree solution. Plus:

  • Managed VoIP gives you a dedicated team to help you with anything, any time
  • Easy-to-Use software + dashboard for diverse teams and faith-based ministries
  • Native CRM Integrations with ChurchStaq by PushpayRock RMSPlanning Center
  • Custom pricing for a system that meets your specific needs and budget
  • 4.6 Capterra Rating, plus awarded 2020 Best Value VoIP provider
  • Flexible device options allow you to buy new phones or bring your own devices
  • 100% US-based support team

We can integrate your VoIP with:

  1. RockRMS
  2. Churchstaq
  3. PlanningCenter
  4. and more…

Rock RMS: Your VoIP Solution For Success

Those churches that have chosen to implement the Rock RMS solution are afforded some opportunities and options others have no access to. The reason for that is the Intulse RockRMS Integration and Plug-In that has been developed. 

When a church is utilizing both Rock & Intulse, they have the following features that support their mission & desire to demonstrate love for their community in a very tangible way:

  • Screen pop – View call notifications that link directly to that caller in Rock and, with one click can open that person’s/families record for instant access to critical information. 
  • Auto-logging – The auto-logging of that inbound call and all outbound calls to the appropriate record in Rock with the ability to enter detailed notes along with that call record. 
  • Click-to-call – Use the efficiency of click-to-call capabilities to help staff and volunteers do more in less time.
  • SMS messaging and logs – The tracking and logging of text messages sent through the church phone system also becomes a reality.
  • Natively text clients thru Rock – The Rock/Intulse plugin allows clients to use Intulse as their SMS transport and natively text clients thru Rock. It is unique to Rock, free for all users, and includes seamless communication history in both Rock and the Intulse Dashboard.

From a few hundred to several thousand attendees, or 1 campus to many, our team works with churches like yours to ensure they fully harness the power of our unified communications tools. In addition, we take time to get to know your unique needs and offer support and training to help you get the most out of your church’s VoIP phone system.

Get VoIP For Your Church Today!

For more information about how the Intulse & Rock RMS integration can serve your church OR if your church is utilizing another ChMS and you would like to find out if the integration is available, contact us today!

Have other questions? You can learn about our Church Ministry VoIP services and more here!