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Faxing: A love/hate relationship

One of the most debated and researched topics among historians and scholars today, is the question:  Why do people still use fax? Do people still use faxing? Does faxing remain a viable and efficient solution?

Who uses faxes?

When we first started Intulse, we knew with 100% certainty, that nobody faxes anymore.  In fact, if anyone still used fax machines, surely something was wrong with these people and it just simply wasn’t their fault.


We rapidly learned that businesses today still do in fact use fax machines.  We also learned that any business we encounter that does still use fax as a way to communicate, really wishes that they didn’t.  Either they keep using it due to a few vendors or clients who still require it, or there is a perception that faxing is somehow “more secure.” (it’s not). In any case, since faxing is still a part of business today, we decided to tackle it head on.

How to make faxing better

So, we listened to our clients and provided a better way to send and receive faxes.  The Intulse App now includes built-in faxing ability.  Faxing from your old fax machine is no longer a requirement.  Simply click on “Faxing”, and Send a Fax from the Intulse App.  No need for a separate fax service.  All of your business fax requirements can be accomplished right from the Intulse App.

Intulse App Faxing

Digital faxing with the Intulse App

We understand there is rarely a “one size fits all” scenario in most situations. Therefore, you can still use your old fax machine if you’d like to with our service.  To find out more, just contact our sales team.