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Maintaining Compliance In The Financial Services Industry

Financial advisors are some of the most trusted relationships we have, and we entrust them with one of the most important things in our lives — our money. For good reason, there are many regulations governing the way advisors advertise, the things they say, the paper trail available to support their actions or lack thereof, and much more. Maintaining compliance in financial services is very complex.

To this end, many advisors utilize a CRM to assist with record keeping, logging, and documentation. This can greatly assist with meeting many of the compliance regulations. Two of the more popular CRMs for the FINSERV industry are Redtail, and Wealthbox. They both do a great job of logging emails, various activities, securely maintaining all of the needed client data, as well as serving up reminders for future tasks, and more.

But what about phone communications? Do they need to be manually logged? What if that is forgotten? What if a part of an audit and organization is not able to prove the degree or quantity of communications they have had with their clients?

This could be a big problem.

There are some solutions that can assist with that. But, what if there was a cloud-based business phone system for the financial services industry that integrated with both Redtail and Wealthbox? What if this phone system had the ability to auto-log calls, both inbound and outbound? What if calls could be recorded, and perhaps even texting could occur inside of a secure environment?

Would that be a game-changer for your financial services organization?

We here at Intulse think it would be.

We think it is exactly what your compliance officer is looking for. We think that you want the ability to focus on your business, on serving your clients with excellence, and maintaining the highest level of personal connection. You don’t really have time to manually log every single communication into your CRM.

That’s why we built a VoIP service that integrates with both Redtail and Wealthbox…so that technology can take care of all the tiny details and you can focus on what you care most about—people.

Learn more about VoIP for financial services or schedule a free demo.