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10 Reasons Intulse VoIP Services May Be Just The Solution You Are Looking For

When it comes to VoIP services, finding a reliable partner who checks all the boxes you’re looking for can be easier said than done. In the broad landscape of hosted VoIP options, Intulse is a top business VoIP provider and stands out in a variety of ways. Trusted by many for a good reason, Intulse is a leading provider of hosted VoIP sevices that delivers quality, reliability, and value to businesses of all sizes. If your business is looking for a VoIP provider, here are ten reasons why Intulse may be the perfect solution for your needs.

1. Ease-of-use

One of our top priorities is the ease of use for all our clients. We’ll help you set up your business communications for today, tomorrow, and beyond. With our simple four-step process, we assist you with making better calls, configuring and testing your system, connecting your phones, and going live. 

“Intulse was very responsive to requests. Has virtually all the features we could want. The dashboard is very handy, especially with multiple office locations in multiple states. The ability to integrate with our CRM, add notes, hot transfer calls to cell phones when on the way out, etc. We love it!”

Mark B. | Compliance Officer

2. 100% US-based Support Team

Our team doesn’t just say we’re here to help. Our 100% US-based support team offers 24/7 support and is reachable anytime you need us for anything. In addition, our in-house support team is available to answer your questions and provide support to you and your team. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible tech support., and we work with you to get your client set up correctly, the first time, every time.

3. Convenient Features

With Intulse, you can enjoy feature-rich integrations and a system that brings you all the tools you need to communicate clearly with your customers and keep your entire team on the same page. Our features include CRM integration, time-based routing, virtual receptionists, call recording, unlimited extensions, and more. Explore all of the features we have to offer now!

4. Empowered Mobility

Intulse helps you stay connected wherever you are, whether it’s from the office, your car, home, or anywhere else – all on your terms! You’re in control of how and where your calls are routed. Simply use our app for your phone to seamlessly route calls to and from your cell phone when you need to be readily available outside of the office.

“Intulse has completely changed the way I run my business. With multiple office locations and multiple part-time employees, I need a unified phone solution that allows one person to pick up where another left off. Intulse says, “We can do that!” Now, when someone calls my business, three physical phones ring along with two additional softphones (phones that run on iPhone or Android) If a voicemail is left – that voicemail is pushed to multiple email accounts, so that response time is minimized – this has changed how I do business. Intulse has been one of the greatest answers to prayer my business has had. Thank you, Intulse!”

5 Star Review

5. Popular CRM Integrations

We offer integrations with many popular CRM platforms that allow you to make seamless connections and leverage the power of all your tools. Benefit from greater business intelligence and automation. Unsure of if we integrate with your CRM or not? Our cloud-based phone system is capable of integrating with these popular CRM packages (see list) for extraordinary call reporting.

6. Trusted Provider At The Top Of Their Game

Beyond our 4.6-star rating that earned us a feature as 2020’s Best Valued VOIP by Capterra.com, we have been recognized as Best Value Telephony Software (2020), an emerging favorite, and a top choice for Business Phone Systems Software. We are a trusted provider at the top of our game, but don’t just take our word for it. Hear more about what others are saying about us

7. No-pressure Sales Approach

We don’t believe in slimy sales or stressful conversations with our team. From the beginning, you know they care about your business. Our team understands where you are coming from and where you are trying to go. We want to get to know you and become a valued & trusted partner; we’re not just another vendor seeking to sell some software and then run to the next opportunity.

The no-pressure sales approach becomes clear quickly once you engage with Intulse on the phone or via email. The ‘how can we serve you’ attitude and the heavy focus on needs analysis as part of the dialogue is quite refreshing. You start to feel like you are talking with an old friend. And when the conversation drifts toward family, life, and work balance topics instead of the nitty-gritty of Cloud-Based Communications, that’s completely normal.

8. Personal Touch

We believe in personalizing every experience for our customers and potential business. Unlike competitors, you are never just a number to us. Instead, we provide a personal touch that is extremely hard to find in the Telecom Industry and recognize your unique challenges and needs. 

9. Reliable Troubleshooting

We never leave you hanging or expect your team to solve a problem. Our troubleshooting experts are always on call to help you with any and every need you may have. As a partner, we take this role very seriously. Your relationship with our team doesn’t stop when you purpose our services; we stay by your side and ensure you’re using your technology in the ways you need and optimizing all services.

10. A Clear Sense Of Purpose 

We know who we are and the types of businesses we want to work with—having a mission that puts people first carries over into everything we do


Our mission is to provide software and services for organizations to help them serve their clients and communities with ever-increasing impact.


Our vision is to make every organization we can serve become raving fans of Intulse.

Core Values

We believe we must cling to our unchanging values in an ever-changing world. Our core values are People, Stewardship, Integrity, and Excellence.


We strive to love others as much as we love ourselves, and we help people become all that they are capable of. We serve people with humility and invest our time, talents, and treasure into our staff and clients.


We cherish the people and resources in our care. We help our staff invest their time, talents, and treasures wisely. We help our clients invest in products and services that give their business increased impact. We seek financial viability by wisely making the most of the company’s resources with at least the same determination that we use to guard and conserve our resources.


We build trust and conduct ourselves with uncompromising honesty. We strive to earn enduring credibility with others, which is essential to long-term relationships. We make commitments with care and then live up to them.


We strive to create and deliver world-class products and services. We pursue continuous improvement, learning, doing more with less, innovation, distinction, and quality. We are passionate about having a positive attitude, a fulfilling work environment, taking reasonable risks, and having fun – as we work to the best of our ability. We define success as doing the right things well.

Partner With Intulse’s Reliable Experts 

The needs-based proposal you will receive provides exactly what you requested, nothing more – nothing less. It will most likely reflect all the unique circumstances you mentioned during your call. But, perhaps best of all, it is all inclusive of taxes, fees, surcharges, and phone support. Just about every other proposal you request will have those items as add-ons to the base quote, which can easily be 20%-40% over the base pricing quoted by them. We welcome you to learn more about our cloud-based phone systems by contacting our team today or calling us at 717-839-5000 with any questions.