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Scheduling Appointments & Meetings Should Be Easier

I doubt many would argue, but some of the biggest challenges in business are scheduling appointments and meetings, sending reminders, and making sure everyone is available and attends. At Intulse, we work to lessen those challenges with a robust communication system that offers many ways to reach coworkers, clients, and contacts. A powerful VoIP phone system is the base of our platform. We include tools and add-ons like chat (similar to Slack) and Intulse Meetings (video meetings akin to Microsoft Teams or Zoom), which enable businesses and organizations to remain in contact internally and externally through various channels.

A screenshot of a text meeting reminder from GReminders

But the point of this article is not what we offer but rather the challenges faced by businesses and organizations. Scheduling appointments and meetings, sending reminders, and then running those meetings on schedule are frustrating, menial tasks that waste time. These problems are amplified by clunky or complicated calendar systems. Common challenges with calendar and appointment systems are:

  • The need to use or create additional calendars that not everyone can manage
  • 3rd-party applications that require you to adopt their communication tools
  • Incompatible systems or lack of integration which makes it a chore to create meetings

This is why Intulse seized the opportunity to partner with GReminders. If you have not heard of them, GReminders is an “automated scheduling & reminder solution”, meaning that you can use their system to book client appointments, schedule meetings, and automatically send reminders. One of their best features is the ability to integrate with your current calendar system. Whether you use Microsoft Office, Google’s G-Suite, or another solution for your organization, you will not need to add new resources for this to work.

GReminders recently released an integration with Intulse that allows GReminders and Intulse users to select Intulse Meetings as a meeting location, and the scheduled meetings will automatically appear in your Intulse App once scheduled. Even better, GReminders handles all the pesky reminder emails that include all the meeting details.

We have personally seen the integration in action and will be scheduling a webinar that you can attend for free to learn how it works, but the best way to get started is to visit GReminders. Intulse users receive a 10% discount on their GReminders subscription, and they offer options to buy out agreements with competitors. We believe this is a no-brainer for people who live and die by scheduling appointments and meetings. If you are an Intulse client, use the link below to visit GReminders which will automatically apply your discount when you sign up. Register for the upcoming webinar!