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Top 3 Ways Phone Systems Can Improve Your Business

Today’s business environment is more competitive than ever thus fueling the need for reducing costs and gaining efficiency everywhere possible. A cloud based VoIP business phone system has the capability of providing those efficiencies, reducing costs, and much more. Let’s take a brief look at a few ways VoIP phone systems can improve your business.

One: Auto Attendants and dial by name directory

Auto attendants, also called phone trees, used to be available exclusively for Fortune 500 companies and large organizations like universities and hospitals. There is even a negative stigma associated with the older systems that provided this feature and the fear of ‘getting lost’ in phone tree hell. With Cloud Based or more commonly referred to as Hosted VoIP, even the smallest companies can get these same features, as well as guaranteeing their callers can reach a live person quickly and painlessly. Routing calls directly where they need to go saves time and money. Furthermore, VoIP calls can direct calls to any phone no matter where it is physically located. So if your office is in one city and your sales manager is in another, there’s no problem. You can also set your phone to announce who is calling or with CRM integration – quickly find that contact, so you can take a moment to get situated before accepting the call.

Two: Simultaneous Ring – Have one number, every phone rings

With a hosted VoIP solution, you aren’t limited to one phone. Depending on the provider, you can have three to five or more phones ring, either simultaneously or sequentially, in order to find you, wherever you are, when someone calls your business phone number or your specific extension. The ability to have Queues associated with various extensions or departments helps ensure that your callers get the right person to assist them as efficiently as possible.

Three: Have professionals record your greetings

You can have your VoIP provider’s in-house team do this, or hire a professional on your own—there are many web sites that you can use to hire a professional voice actor. If you choose to pay a professional to do your Voicemail, phone greeting, and so forth, you’ll get the silky smooth voice and delivery that people associate with big companies but without breaking the bank. Have a trustworthy voice on your side. Another feature you can’t get with your old traditional phone system (PBX).

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