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Top 5 Business Benefits of Cloud-based Phone Systems

A cloud-based system is vital to the success of entrepreneurs like you who wish to adapt smoothly to the progressive changes in your small business. Cloud phone systems can add to your flexibility so that you can quickly scale up or down as your venture expands and transforms. After all, cloud-based phone systems can enhance internal and external communications as you add more members to your growing team.

If you own a micro-enterprise, keep reading to learn the business advantages that you can experience if you utilize cloud-based phone solutions such as cloud-based hosted VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

What Is a Cloud-based Phone System?

A cloud-based business phone system is a service that enables you to make and receive calls over the Internetaccording to Business News Daily. It is a more modern, convenient type of communication than a traditional phone service dependent on copper wire or optical fiber connections.

PCMag explains that an analog phone converts sound or air vibrations into analogous electrical frequencies. You are limited to a single call per line with a classic phone. If you have a traditional provider, you will need to subscribe to multiple lines for your business so you can handle multiple calls at the same time. In case one or more of your lines are busy, you could miss out on receiving important calls from prospective clients, which could lead to less revenue in the long run.

In contrast, a cloud-based business phone service is more advantageous for your business since this system can handle multiple calls. There are two kinds of VoIP solutions that you can choose from:

  1. On-site VoIP: An on-premise VoIP solution is better than a traditional phone service. However, it still has certain disadvantages, such as the need to purchase and install costly hardware, the time you must spend training your team on using it, and the price you need to pay for ongoing maintenance services.
  2. Cloud-based VoIP: A cloud-based office phone system is superior to an analog phone service and on-site VoIP. It does not require any hardware investment. It only involves the purchase of several new cloud-based phones and the customized installment of a VoIP system by the provider. This kind of VoIP service is usually paid on a fixed, recurring basis.

5 Top Benefits of Cloud-based Phone Systems

There are several important benefits of using a cloud-based phone solution for your business:

1. It Adjusts to the Growth of Your Business

The ability to adjust to the growth of your business is essential. Whenever your venture expands in terms of quantity and quality, various changes occur in your work environment. Yale University defines adaptability as a trait that enables you to respond swiftly and appropriately to these changes so that you can continue to make progress in the professional arena.

Your team and your systems should always be flexible if you are determined to remain competitive in the industry that your micro-enterprise belongs to. Flexibility allows you to transform internal and external changes into continuous growth and success opportunities.

A VoIP system has the adaptability to adjust to the evolution of your business over time. There’s no need to revamp your entire cloud-based business phone infrastructure in case you have a new batch of additions to your team. Aside from this, new users are not required to have any special IT skills or telecom knowledge to use the devices.

After all, it is simple to add a new user to your VoIP phone system. All you need to do is call or email your provider with the user’s name, email address, and preferred extension number. The provider will handle the configuration so that the new user can start using the new extension.

There’s no need to spend on fancy network equipment to use a cloud-based phone system even as it continues to expand in functionality. All you need are VoIP phones for the system to work correctly. It’s also recommended that you prepare your business network so that it can handle incoming and outgoing VoIP traffic, aside from buying a professional-level router, switch, and a firewall.

2. It Boosts the Efficiency of Your Business

Business efficiency describes the productivity of your business in terms of time, money, and resources. Based on Indeed career advice, your efficiency can be measured by how competently your team can transform materials, capital, and labor into actual products and services which can generate revenue.

A cloud-based phone system can enhance the efficiency of your micro-enterprise through its convenient features. It allows you to receive call notifications for inbound calls so that you can be aware of who the caller is before you pick up the call. It enables you to record a call log and call note which saves the information in your current database.

A VoIP service also improves the productivity of your business by increasing your opportunities for collaboration within your team. It showcases multi-way calling options, which lets multiple parties join a single call. You can use a conferencing solution or press a button on your phone to activate this feature.

By boosting the efficiency of your micro-enterprise, a cloud-based phone solution can help you become more productive and profitable.

3. It Levels up the Customer Service of Your Business

Customer service is a crucial aspect of your business, no matter what field your micro-enterprise is involved in. It promotes client satisfaction and encourages repeat business from existing customers. It also motivates potential and new clients to buy your products and try your services.

Investopedia describes customer service as the direct one-on-one interaction between a consumer and a representative from your business. Customer service is essential, not just during face-to-face interactions but even when communication occurs remotely. Virtual interactions happen with the help of automated self-service systems and VoIP systems.

A cloud-based phone system can ramp up the quality of your business’s customer service. It promotes better communication between your team and your clients through various innovative features:

● A virtual receptionist makes it easier for customers to reach the appropriate department or employee to assist them with their concerns.

● A line queue for ring groups assigns a group of phones or individuals to answer incoming calls immediately.

● Email notifications can inform team members who are not currently available to take calls with pending voicemail messages.

● Voice mailbox management features allow your employees to save, forward, and delete voicemail messages.

● Custom greetings may be pre-recorded and queued by your staff following the schedule in your business calendar.

● A cloud-based VoIP system gives you the chance to level up your service to increase overall customer satisfaction over time with a unified communications system.

4. It Provides Your Business Team With Customer Support

As you offer excellent customer service to your clients, you and your team also need reliable customer support when it comes to managing your cloud-based phone service. Customer support refers to certain aspects of customer service which allow you to use products and services properly and continuously. It typically involves assistance in planning, installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and upgrading a service or product.

The dependability of customer support that you get from your cloud-based phone provider will impact the daily productivity of your business. After all, you need to ensure that your VoIP system and tools function well regularly. Otherwise, your communication with your clients will be limited by technical difficulties. In short, the customer support you receive from your provider will affect the customer service you provide to your clients.

If you choose the right VoIP provider, you can experience the advantage of having access to a customer service team who is ready to guide you in maximizing your VoIP system as it grows along with your business. Your provider’s support staff can guide you through the installation process of your cloud-based phone system. These experts can also assist you in troubleshooting technical issues that you and your staff may encounter as you use VoIP phones.

In general, you can connect with a live person during regular working days and hours. You may also open a support ticket by emailing your provider. Nevertheless, certain providers go the extra mile and offer the immediate assistance of an emergency team who can visit your business site during emergency tech situations. They also keep a record of the history of your VoIP system to facilitate fast resolutions for future issues.

5. It Increases the Mobility of Your Business

Mobility is necessary for a business since it makes it possible for your team to operate from multiple locations. It helps you manage company data and make critical decisions no matter where you are. You can achieve mobility by implementing and using technology solutions that allow you to store information in a centralized database. At the same time, you need to utilize management methods that limit which information is accessible by specific team members.

A cloud-based phone solution enables your business to become more mobile. You and your team members no longer need to be tied to your desk since you can make and receive Internet calls through your handset.

By using a VoIP app, you will gain the ability to transfer calls to your smartphone so you can continue a conversation with your client even if you are not in the office. A softphone app allows you to transform your iPhone or Android phone or gadget into an extension of your phone system.

A VoIP dashboard serves as a unified communication tool that lets you manage your communication activities and phone system. It grants you the capacity to send and receive text messages while using one of your business numbers. As a result, your team will be able to access your text history through the database. It also allows you to handle your voicemail via a graphical user interface (GUI). You can save, delete, or forward your voicemail messages even when you are on the go, not just when using your desk phone in the office.

What Are the Traits of the Ideal Cloud-based VoIP Provider?

Many VoIP providers offer phone solutions to entrepreneurs like you. However, it would be best to make sure that the provider you choose can effectively meet all of your phone system needs.

The ideal company provides cloud-based VoIP services, not just on-premise VoIP solutions, because of the superior features it exhibits. The right provider is also capable of adjusting to your business growth, boosting your team’s efficiency, improving your customer service, offering accessible customer support, and enhancing the mobility of your business.

Which VoIP Provider Can Efficiently Install and Manage Your Business Cloud-based Phone System?

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That’s why we decided to become a full-service support company that works in tandem with small and medium-sized businesses. We install and maintain cloud-based phone systems with the same care as if we were employed by the business teams we partner with.

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