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How Churches and Ministries are using VoIP to Cut Costs

Using VoIP to cut costs allows churches, ministries, and houses of worship to communicate with the people and members of the congregation while reducing operational, labor, and maintenance costs.

Churches rarely have the budget for an IT expert who can support the technological needs of their office personnel, members, and pastors. But with the use of a VoIP phone solution, churches can lessen service or labor costs because the system is easy to install, configure, and maintain. Often a VoIP provider will handle all of that as part of the low ongoing monthly service fees. In turn, churches don’t need to hire an expert to help them with their communication needs. Upgrading a VoIP phone solution is also easier and more cost-efficient when compared to a public switched telephone network (PSTN) because VoIP requires minimal in hardware resources, especially if the VoIP provider has a BYOD offering

Also, using VoIP to cut costs enables churches to send and receive messages over a private data network (as long as there is an Internet access). In this way, employees and administrators can further reduce costs because everything operates under a single network. There is no need for a separate PBX line. Any required maintenance and management of the system can be done in the central location to lessen operational costs. Or if it is a hosted VoIP solution, the provider will handle the maintenance and upgrades accordingly.

Aside from this, using VoIP to cut costs has the ability to turn computers into phones (more commonly known as softphones) by converting voice or audio format into discrete packets and sending them over the Internet. Because of this, you can send and receive calls over the Internet without having to worry about increasing your monthly phone bills.

Additionally, using a VoIP phone system allows church administrators and employees to make long distance and international phone calls for a fraction of a cost. Not only do most VoIP providers offer unlimited calling plans, they also offer reduced international calling rates. Because of this,, church and ministry administrators and employees can send messages to the people no matter where they are without worrying about excessive long distance or international charges.