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VoIP Helps Churches Expand their reach

Powerful and easy to use VoIP features can help church administrators and workers to stay in touch with their employees and members of the congregation anywhere at any time. Ultimately VoIP helps churches expand their reach.

One of the many advantages of using VoIP is the capacity to forward calls, emails, and voicemail’s to mobile devices. Through easy to use features such as call forwarding, find me/follow me, and voicemail to email, anyone can keep in touch with the people and members of the church no matter where they are located.

VoIP helps churches expand in that, church administrators can spread the word and align their messages with a clear and consistent communication system that sends and receives information across all platforms. And because a VoIP phone system is IP-based, voicemail’s can be instantly delivered to an email account. In this way, administrators, employees, pastors, and other member of the church or ministry can receive the message (in audio file format) and listen to them anywhere at any time.

Also, using an auto-attendant can inform churchgoers, employees, pastors, and other members of the congregation of updates, church times, directions, and more.. Because of this, they can enhance their ability to reach out to visitors and keep members informed. By serving as a virtual receptionist, the auto-attendant feature offers a plethora of options to help church and ministry administrators route calls to a specific department or member of the congregation. In this way, church employees can manage their responsibilities with ease because those who are normally tasked to answer and route calls can instead spend their time accomplishing other administrative tasks.

A hosted VoIP Solution can a huge impact on church communication efficiency and caller experience. Helping people reach the person(s) they most need to speak with quickly and easily is worth it’s weight in gold and can at times be a literal life or death situation. If your church has been thinking about these issues and has realized that there is room for improvement but you just aren’t sure where to begin and how to get the help you need, we are here for that very purpose. Since VoIP helps churches grow, why not allow us to serve you today?