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Smart Communication For Smart Schools: Private School Excels With VoIP Solution

Customer Overview

Lancaster County Christian School’s values and heritage were established long ago as Lancaster Christian School (founded in 1954) and Living Word Academy (founded in 1981). These two outstanding schools merged in 2010 to become Lancaster County Christian School.

LCCS has continued this God-honoring, Christian education with more than 90 combined years of bountiful heritage. Lancaster County Christian School offers education to students in preschool (beginning at age 3) through grade 12. LCCS is a fully accredited K-12 educational program.

Executive Summary

With all of the technological advances in education through the last several decades, communication has become more challenging. People need answers to basic questions about what is happening in their schools. Clarifying information is also important because we want to know how things work at our schools.

Because of a merger, Lancaster County Christian School needed to update its phone system. The antiquated systems were difficult to use and could not easily connect with each other. Intulse was able to deliver a VoIP phone service that  exceeded the requirements and provides additional features that have streamlined the communications at Lancaster County Christian School dramatically.


The merger of two well established independent schools meant that the antiquated phone systems at each campus were not only difficult to use but were independent, isolated, and not easily connected. If an Incoming calls came into one campus but the person they needed to speak to was at the other, the call could not be transferred. They would have to hang up and contact the other campus.

A cost savings unified communication solution was needed. Not only to connect the remote campuses, but each person in the organization , providing easy management by the IT department and status at a glance.


hosted VoIP solution that could connect the two campuses seamlessly, was affordable, and if possible, provided local support was decided to be the answer.

The need was made known to the board at their next meeting. Onne of the board members stated that they knew of a local company with a great reputation that was providing exactly what was needed and at a reasonable cost. A decision was made to reach out to Intulse and request a demo.


Intulse was able to deliver a modern VoIP phone system that not only met the requirements, but exceeded them, providing additional features that have streamlined the communication at LCCS dramatically.

OneTouch dialing & transfertime-based routing & DNDcustom announcements, and seamless transfers between campuses, were just a few of the added features. Intulse not only delivered a cutting edge VoIP technology solution for less than the originally budget but also had the fully functional system ready to go day 1 of the new school year.

The new solution also integrates with the old paging systems, which has saved them thousands on new hardware they didn’t have to purchase. The ability for IT to be able to monitor all the phones from a mobile App has been huge!

“Their VoIP phone system has revolutionized our antiquated phone system and capabilities virtually overnight. We have a ton of valuable features, and all for a price that is much more affordable than we had originally thought a system like this was going to cost!” 

Tim Rieger – IT Specialist

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