How Does Intulse Compare to Zoom Phone?

Many VoIP phone system providers include their phone systems as part of a Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) tool. Many websites like Capterra, G2, SoftwareAdvice, and GetApp help businesses and organizations find the best VoIP phone system provider for their needs. While these sites make it easy to compare by pricing, it’s not as easy to determine what features and capabilities are accessible by the bottom line.

Cloud-hosted VoIP and other cloud-based communication services can offer comprehensive solutions for businesses and organizations, then you’ll want to consider a few things.

When You Already Use One Of Their Solutions…

Why not use another one? VoIP phone systems are not equal, nor is their pricing yet one of the major deciding factors for a new VoIP phone system is the cost. Unfortunately, pricing is one of those areas where people can easily become confused about the bottom line because of service fees and hidden prices. Businesses and organizations will often make software and systems decisions based on how they may bundle one solution with another to save money, or find convenience. The real question is, “are you saving money or is getting work done easier?”

Intulse approaches pricing from a different perspective. Too often, people stop their research at a pricing comparison and miss the hidden prices. At Intulse, our pricing includes everything except premium add-ons. Many of our standard features are locked behind higher cost-per-user plans from other providers. At first glance, many VoIP phone providers will seem like they are the “best” because they are more affordable, but in the long run, you may find that you end up paying more because of features you need or hidden fees. Your first invoice with them may be far higher than what you may have expected.

At Intulse, our VoIP pricing is all-inclusive. All of our features and any mandatory fees are included and estimated upfront, except user-based tools and add-ons like 3rd-party integrations. Our estimates are within just a few dollars of what you will pay each month.

What Makes Intulse Different?

While VoIP phone system pricing and functionality is not equal, our biggest differentiator is our integrations. Other VoIP providers offer some 3rd-party integrations, yes, but those integrations often amount to nothing more than a “click-to-call” feature. Their “integrations” may only be connectivity with other apps or solutions they offer, like video conferencing. Our integrations provide far more functionality, with deep integration for 3rd-party solutions like CRM systems, archival solutions like Smarsh and Global Relay, and even automation solutions like Zapier.

Intulse vs. Zoom Phone

This comparison grid comes from While it shows the similarities and differences with our feature sets, it does not demonstrate the strengths that come with using the Intulse App for your VoIP phone system, business texting, video conferencing, and deep integration with your CRM system. Simply put, businesses and organizations would be trading a lot of functionality and convenience to integrate with a video conferencing solution and/or save money. Let’s go to the list:

Zoom Phone
Caller ID
Call Screening
Call Recording
Call Routing
Call Monitoring
Video Conferencing
IVR/Voice Recognition
Activity Dashboard
Real-Time Monitoring
Call Disposition
SMS Text Messaging
Fax Management
Contact Database
Voicemail Transcription
Real-Time Analytics
Contact Management
SIP Trunking
3rd-Party Integrations
Computer Telephony Integration
Customizable Reports
Call Center Management
Call List Management
Interaction Tracking
Call Queues
Call Transfer
Reporting & Statistics
Live Chat
Access Controls/Permissions
Unified Communications (UCaaS)
Call Reporting
Automatic Call Distribution
Mobile Access
Queue Management
Online Voice Transmission
Call Conferencing
Voice Mail
Call Tracking
Activity Tracking
Feature Comparison Data as listed on

So Which VoIP Provider Is Best?

We would be lying if we didn’t say that there are many reliable VoIP phone solutions on the market, and that many of them offer similar standard features to those of Intulse. However, we come back to the Intulse difference: our integrations and pricing. Of course, we’re admittedly a bit biased.

Every business and organization is different as are their needs, but there is one thing that everyone usually agrees on: you should get the most for your money and you should be treated honestly and fairly from the beginning. These are core values at Intulse. Our integrations are designed to help you get more for your money, our pricing and estimates are as comprehensive as possible, and our customer service is 100% based in the U.S. and we answer the phone when you call.

So, who is the best VoIP provider? Really that decision is yours, but if you would like to learn more you can contact us today for a demo and see if Intulse is the best choice for you.

We don’t just care about phones. We want to help your business thrive.

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