Seamless Insightly VoIP Integration
Insightly CRM + Intulse VoIP Integration

Intulse's Insightly integration seamlessly merges your phone system with your CRM, providing the best of both tools and streamlining your customer communication. 

For those needing a one-stop-shop for UCaaS with CRM enhancements, Intulse's integration offers just that. Enjoy a wide range of feature-rich tools, a dedicated team of support staff, and a system that perfectly fits your goals and needs. 

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Why Integrate Insightly with VoIP?

Intulse’s Insightly VOIP integration seamlessly blends your phone and communication records with your Insightly CRM database.

Our all-in-one solution offers an entire ecosystem with everything you need to put your customers at the heart of your business and keep them top of mind.

With the help of Intulse, onboarding your sales team is simple, and you don’t have to worry about training or troubleshooting down the line. Get back to putting your time and attention where it is best spent. No more confusing contact notes, lack of connectivity, or difficulty managing your phones. 

With so many options to choose from, Intulse helps you learn the tools you need and affordably implement your solution. 

Bring Insightly & VoIP Together

Better customer service and engagement means higher customer retention and increased profits. Our feature-rich integration gives you all the tools you need to care for your customers at the drop of a hat. 

With Intulse’s Insightly VoIP Integration, you can enjoy: 

Click-to-Call Features

Place phone calls from within Insightly by selecting click-to-call buttons on any phone number, saving you time and improving your call efficiency.

Instant screen pop-up

Incoming and outgoing calls trigger screen pops for immediate visibility of the caller. This helps your team deliver informed, quality interactions.

Simple call log sync

Sync your VoIP call log to Insightly automatically or manually with ease so that agents can efficiently log call details and notes.

Automatic contacts sync

Sync Insightly contacts to your VoIP widget for easy direct dialing.

Contacts activities access

Gain insights about your contacts all in one place.

Additional benefits include: 

Any screen in the Intulse App that would display a simple phone number will automatically search the caller ID within Insightly and return any contact or organization records matching that number. 

When someone calls you, instead of displaying the Caller ID, you'll see the contact's name as it appears in Insightly. You can then click on the display name to launch their account within Insightly and review any notes or details. 

You can quickly add any call notes to a contact's log. The note will automatically contain all the basic information about the call, including the call's start time, duration, inbound or outbound direction, and a link to the recording if the call was recorded.

Build and Manage Customer Relationships Easily

Having the power of two tools is great, but having one place to access everything is even better. With Insightly and VoIP integrated, you can enjoy one centralized location to access all of the information you need.

Equipping your team with customer information helps better manage relationships and provide exceptional customer service to your clients. 

Make the better call & better your business​

Setup is a breeze, and we deliver reliable, personal support and ongoing service you can count on.

VoIP Partner You Can Trust

Our commitment to our clients, US-based customer service, easy-to-use software, and our 4.6-star rating earned us a feature as a 2020 Best-Value VOIP by

But don’t just take our word for it. We promise to do what we say and earn your trust as a valued partner. And, if that’s not enough, we back it up with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our mission, vision, and clear values set us apart from the others.

Here’s what one of our financial services phone system clients has to say about Intulse:

“We needed to streamline communication between remote team members and track all client contact quickly and easily so that clients and leads did not fall through the cracks. With Intulse integrating with our CRM, our team was able to take on more client call volume regardless of their location, all while cutting down the time needed to find and manage that client’s record and notes.” 

— Lauren E.


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