GReminders Scheduling Integration

GReminders has partnered with Intulse to create their own reminder and online appointment scheduling integration for Intulse Meetings. GReminders provides a simple but powerful alternative to other online scheduling system and business calendar tools, like Acuity or, which are owned by other companies like Wix and often force users to use their in-house integrations. GReminders removes those limitations by integrating with dozens of online tools and 3rd-party software. With GReminders you can use your existing calendars, not “another calendar.”

Simple but Powerful Online Scheduling

Get more secure, more affordable video conferencing with Intulse Meetings as an add-on to Intulse VoIP. Book those meetings with GReminders!

Intulse Meetings video conferencing is an excellent add-on for Intulse VoIP phone system users that offers a more secure and more affordable alternative to video conferencing tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Users of Intulse Meetings will now be able to schedule appointments, meetings, and send reminders automatically using GReminders to schedule meetings. GReminders will handle sending reminders and will add events directly to your preferred calendar, whether that be Microsoft Outlook, GSuite (Google Calendar), and even other 3rd-party systems like Redtail Calendar.


Primarily, the integration happens on the GReminders scheduling side when creating an appointment. Intulse VoIP users who have opted to consolidate tools and save money by using Intulse Meetings for their video conferencing solution will see an option to select “Intulse Meetings” as the appointment location.

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