MirrorWeb VoIP Integration

MirrorWeb brings a complete, compliance-driven integration to Intulse that instantly archives SMS texts sent and received using the Intulse VoIP phone system. It is perfect for financial services or insurance agencies, where regulatory compliance is a must. The Intulse VoIP phone system also integrates with many popular and industry-specific CRMs for financial advisors and insurance agencies. With features like call recording and business SMS texting the logical next step is an integration with a powerful archival tool like MirrorWeb.

Simple, Powerful, Compliant Archival Tools

The web-based Intulse App as seen on a desktop device

Intulse VoIP phone service offers SMS texting for businesses. For industries like financial management and insurance agencies, industry compliance is not optional. Archival tools like MirrorWeb are a must-have which is part of what makes this integration so awesome.

Simply put, if you are a financial management agency, financial advisor, insurance agent, and you are using mobile communications you are likely already using a tool like MirrorWeb. Intulse can take your compliance and convenience a step further. Combining the MirrorWeb integration with other VoIP integrations for tools like Redtail, Wealthbox, AgencyBloc, Intulse can help you consolidate your compliance, workflow, and information needs.

  • Instant Archiving: All SMS text messages sent or received through the Intulse VoIP phone system using the Intulse App (on desktop or mobile) will be instantly archived for compliance purposes
  • Flexibility: Combine the MirrorWeb integration with other VoIP integrations for CRMs and business software to take your communication to the next level

Why Integrate VoIP with MirrorWeb?

You can have a phone system that communicates seamlessly with MirrorWeb, allowing for the instantaneous archival of all business SMS texts sent or received through your business numbers. The power of this can be expanded even more when using the Intulse App on your mobile devices. You will have the ability to send and receive SMS text messages through the app, and they will all be archived in MirrorWeb.


Our integration provides the following functionality:

  • Instant archiving of all SMS texts sent and received using the Intulse App and VoIP phone system.
  • It allows for combined integrations with other software like CRMs like Wealthbox, Redtail, AgencyBloc, QQCatalyst, and more.

Intulse can help determine your needs and what is required for integration as part of the discovery call.

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