SuiteCRM & SugarCRM VoIP Integration

For organizations needing a simple solution to communication between their SuiteCRM or SugarCRM and VoIP features, Intulse’s integration offers just what you need and more.

Enjoy feature-rich integrations, Intulse’s US-based support team here to help, and a system that brings you all the tools and features you need to communicate clearly with your customers and keep your entire team on the same page.

Why Integrate SuiteCRM or SugarCRM with VoIP?

We understand that caring for your community is a top priority, but limited time and resources can make that a challenge. Now, you can simplify your customer communication and better inform you with data about your people. 

Do these communication process frustrations sound familiar?

  • Not enough time to manage it all
  • Too many options to choose from 
  • Poor service experiences in the past 

With managed VoIP, you no longer have to worry about your phone system setup, updates, or fixes. Intulse VoIP integration with SuiteCRM and SugarCRM offers features you will want and need, including:

  • Click-to-Call Features: Place phone calls from within Insightly using click-to-call buttons on any phone number, saving time and improving call efficiency
  • Pop-up Alerts: Incoming and outgoing calls trigger alerts with caller information. This helps your team deliver informed, quality interactions
  • Call Log Sync: Sync your VoIP call log to Insightly automatically or manually with ease so that agents can efficiently log call details and notes
  • Automatic Contacts Sync: Sync Insightly contacts to your VoIP widget for easy direct dialing, which are also accessible by search within the Intulse App
  • Contacts Activities Access: Quickly add any call notes to a contact’s log. Notes automatically contain all information about the call such as start time, duration, inbound or outbound direction, and a link to the recording if the call was recorded

With Intulse, your team no longer has to pick and choose which areas of the organization get your attention. Instead, we help you harness the power of data to keep your organization ready to tackle anything.

Stop wasting time and resources sorting through call notes, going back and forth with coworkers, and trying to track down the information you need. Use Intulse’s CRM integration to house every detail about your clients and team – in one easy-to-access place.

How Do SuiteCRM & SugarCRM integrate with Intulse?

First, you need to have the Intulse App installed on your favorite device

  1. Click the More icon on the menu
  2. Click SuiteCRM in the More menu
  3. Click the Authorize Intulse button
    • This will open a new window where you can log in to your SuiteCRM account and authorize Intulse to access your data in SuiteCRM
  4. Once you’ve completed the authorization process you should see in the Intulse app that the process was successful.
  5. If you’re an Admin of your Intulse system you can choose if you wish to enable automatic call logging.


Intulse provides the following integration features:

  • Alerts provide detail on who is calling and offer a direct link to that record in SuiteCRM & SugarCRM
  • Ability to add detailed call notes
  • Call recording
  • Click the name of a person on an active call and get an infobox displaying photo, background info, and other important info about that contact
  • Have every phone interaction auto-logged as a note in that contact’s record in SuiteCRM & SugarCRM
  • Leverage our click-to-call feature for every phone number in the SuiteCRM & SugarCRM database, and have your caller-id show up as your business number


That is core functionality of the Intulse App. You can make and receive calls on your Apple/Android device easily, without disclosing your personal cell number.


Yes, almost every active voice/fax number is portable via federal guidelines, meaning you can likely keep your phone number. Intulse can confirm if your numbers are portable as part of the discovery call.

We don’t just care about phones. We want to help your business thrive.

Make the Better Call & Improve Your Bottom Line

with the power of Intulse’s hosted VoIP phone services.