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Intulse vs RingCentral: What Are the Differences?

As one of the largest players in the VoIP phone provider and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) space, it makes sense that businesses and organizations will compare Intulse to RingCentral when looking for a new phone system. If you have been looking, then you are in the right place.

The goal of this article is to help you see the similarities and differences between both cloud communications systems so you can make the best choice. Ultimately, a cloud-hosted communications system should make your life easier, not just by offering solid phone communication, but also through other tools and add-ons. However, with all of the providers out there (including Intulse), it is not an easy task. Basically, there are a few boxes most businesses and organizations want to check:

  • Does it fit in your budget?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Will it improve your current processes and make life easier?

We have a full standard feature comparison of Intulse vs RingCentral here, where we’ve leveraged the data from sites like Capterra to put together a comprehensive list, but with this post, we wanted to focus on the bigger differences rather than just basic features. Which UCaaS platform will be best for you? Let’s dig in.

We’re going to compare the following aspects of Intulse and RingCentral:

Intulse vs RingCentral MVP: VoIP Business Phone Pricing

In terms of features and pricing, Intulse and RingCentral MVP offer extremely similar feature sets and pricing. As this is one of the primary considerations for many businesses and organizations, we thought it would be a top-priority item to examine. Frankly, both Intulse and RingCentral can offer high-quality, highly functional unified communications like chat, business texting, and VoIP phone service for around the same base pricing per user. However, there are some pretty significant differences in feature availability, pricing plans, and what you actually get for your bottom line.

What Makes Intulse the Better, More Affordable Choice for VoIP Phones?

The quickest comparison here is to simply try and figure out what your price would be with RingCentral. Try and make sure that all of the features and services that you want are included in your price because some of those features are either limited or completely unavailable in their lower-priced tiers. Additionally, despite requiring contracts they offer monthly and annually based billing which can further distort the numbers. More useful features like automated call recording, analytics and reporting, unlimited file sharing, and storage require that you purchase their “Ultra” tier.

Also, check to see if the monthly or annual cost includes required or “hidden” fees, such as E911 or 10DLC, in the base pricing. We can save you time: it doesn’t. The point here? As soon as you are comparing apples to apples on pricing with Intulse, suddenly RingCentral is not the winner on cloud-based VoIP or Unified Communications services.

All of the same features, as well as many others, are available by default in the Intulse pricing. Not only that, if you need an add-on like a CRM integration, additional lines or extensions, or want to know what your monthly invoice will actually look like, you can get a detailed estimate up front from Intulse that will be as close to your monthly bill as possible. One of our core values is integrity, and we don’t feel like we need to play games with the numbers or hide any costs to win you over.

You can review our VoIP phone pricing here. What you will find is that we don’t hide features or any fees, and our pricing breakpoints are driven by the number of users, but don’t let price be your only deciding factor. Be sure to take a look at the other key differences.

Intulse vs RingCentral MVP: 3rd-Party Integrations

When it comes to VoIP phone solutions, and most especially to Unified Communications systems, integrating with 3rd-party services like CRMs, ChMS platforms, archival solutions, and other hosted business software is extremely important. Many businesses and organizations leverage online hosted tools like CRMs to help them manage their business information, leads, and notes about communications.

Many VoIP providers like Intulse and RingCentral offer direct, 3rd-party integrations with these kinds of tools. However, it’s one thing to say that you have an integration, but what if that integration only offers a function like “click-to-call”? Is it really providing value?

What Makes Intulse the Better Integration Provider for VoIP Integration?

Intulse, like most VoIP and UCaaS providers, offers integrations with the most popular 3rd-party tools: CRMs like SalesforceZohoSuiteCRM, and Hubspot. Archival tools like Smarsh or Global Relay. Business automation software like Zapier. Even church management software (ChMS) systems like RockRMSPlanning Center, and more. Sure, many providers do the same.

The biggest difference is what the Intulse integrations do. Yes, we offer click-to-call capability directly from the CRM and as a browser extension, but the Intulse App takes it all to the next level. These features really aren’t available from other providers:

  • Caller ID populates from CRM data
  • Get desktop pop-up alerts when someone calls with their CRM info
  • From the Intulse App, search and call/text anyone from your CRM or ChMS
  • Call/text data is automatically logged in a client record
  • Add call notes during and after a call into a CRM/ChMS record from the Intulse App
  • Record calls and store links to them within the client record

These are just a few of the features that our integrations offer, and really are not available from any other VoIP or UCaaS provider. Intulse pretty much stands alone in the integrations category. Also, if we don’t currently have an integration with a CRM or tool that you use, we can often build one. Yes, we’re biased, but you won’t find these capabilities in a RingCentral integration.

Intulse vs RingCentral MVP: Standard & Extended Features

As VoIP phone and Unified Communications providers go, Intulse and RingCentral MVP quite possibly offer the most complete set of features available on the market. One of the most challenging things for someone searching for a VoIP phone provider would be discovering what features come with the system, that is, unless you’re looking at Intulse. It’s actually very difficult to learn what features are included in RingCentral MVP on their website, which is partly why we relied on the comparisons on Capterra for our comparison grid guide for a side-by-side look at Intulse vs RingCentral MVP. The confusion is only compounded when you try and understand RingCentral MVP’s pricing, which is complicated with different subscription tiers and monthly vs annual billing. In the end, you may still not fully understand what you are getting, or how much it’s actually going to cost – something that has driven more than a few clients our way when their first invoice is as much as 40% higher than they anticipated.

What Makes Intulse the Better Call for VoIP Phone Features?

Simply put, we include almost all of our features as standard regardless of how many users or devices you have. This makes our pricing very easy to understand, and it makes it even easier to know what you are getting for your money. Additionally, you can see very quickly what add-ons and options are available that you may need, and what they cost. When you consider:

  • How much simpler our pricing model is, and how many features are included
  • How much more powerful our 3rd-party integrations are compared to others
  • How accurate our estimates are, usually being within a few dollars per month of the actual price

We believe it makes Intulse the clear choice as your provider for VoIP phones and Unified Communications.

Intulse vs RingCentral MVP: Customer Support

One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive about our team is how happy people are about our customer support. This is probably one of the biggest differentiators between Intulse and almost every major VoIP phone and Unified Communications provider out there, including RingCentral MVP.

What Makes Intulse the Better VoIP Phone Provider Based on Customer Support?

Our clients have been clear when they have spoken: Intulse answers the phone when you call for support, and our support is 100% based in the U.S. These two facts are huge. In fact, we cannot say enough about our customer support team and how proud we are about how quickly issues are resolved. Additionally, our personal touch for client onboarding has been a huge hit as well.

When we ask clients as they come on board why they are switching, the lack of customer support from their previous provider is often one of the top reasons we hear. Other reasons included a lack of being able to reach someone for help, waiting days for a support ticket to be resolved, customer support being incredibly difficult to understand when they could be reached, and many more. That’s why we have focused on developing and maintaining an amazing support team and an equally awesome online support center and knowledge base. Long story short, Intulse has you covered on support.

Intulse vs RingCentral MVP: Who Is The Winner?

Ultimately that answer is up to the customer. No two businesses or organizations are the same, nor do any of them have the exact same needs. What we know at Intulse is that we have worked to build a solution that provides the best VoIP phone service and Unified Communications platform which is one of the best options out there. Of course, we are going to say we’re good, though. Who wouldn’t? Really it just comes down to what you need and want for your business or organization. If you want better customer support, more powerful integrations, transparent pricing that is easy to understand, and one of the most feature-rich VoIP phone systems on the market then Intulse is probably a good choice for you. When it’s all said and done, the team at Intulse would love to serve you, but more than anything we want you to have the solution that is right for you.