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Award-Winning VoIP Company Intulse Launches Intulse Meetings

The Organization Releases the Much-Awaited Video-Conferencing Add-On to Its Business VoIP Phone Plan. 

Intulse announced the availability of Intulse Meetings — a valuable supplement to existing Intulse business phone plans. Users can now enjoy video conferencing capabilities on top of their enhanced phone communication features. This app elevates phone systems to address the needs of the modern consumer. 

Business owners and decision-makers understand that their technology stack needs customized services to accomplish their desired results. Any group that participates in remote work, online meetings, or long-distance conferencing should add Intulse Meetings to its list of digital tools. 

When asked about the innovative add-on, Intulse President Darren Hollick replied, “We have been in business for almost seven years now. Our focus on customers has always led us to address distinct client needs. Now that more companies are incorporating remote and hybrid work, it was only natural for us to develop Intulse Meetings. True to our mission of providing companies with empowering connectivity, we have elevated the video conferencing experience for Intulse users.”

Below are some of the advantages of using Intulse Meetings for business: 

  • Security: Intulse Meetings uses cloud-based encryption, passcodes, and waiting rooms to ensure every attendee’s privacy. With Intulse’s end-to-end encryption, users can freely discuss confidential information. 
  • High-quality audio and video: The company uses 4K video with HD audio to elevate the attendees’ video conferencing experience. This feature will impress investors, customers, and employees alike. 
  • Individual and group chat: While some activities require group discussions, some only need individual chats. For this reason, Intulse created a flexible platform for its users.
  • Speaker spotlights: One of the key Intulse Meetings features is how the speaker stands out from the other attendees. This attribute encourages event participants to focus on the speaker. 
  • One-click internal video call: Intulse elevates its user-friendliness with their one-click capability. Users can request video calls with other individuals in the VoIP system with just one click. This feature speeds up the communication process between departments. 

Finally, Intulse users have a reliable and secure platform to host meetings anytime, anywhere. With the help of dedicated 100% U.S.-based support, businesses can further enhance their VoIP capabilities

It’s time to elevate the video conferencing experience with Intulse Meetings. Interested businesses may call 844-446-8857 for a free demo and a custom quote

About Intulse

Intulse offers clients flexible, feature-rich communications systems. Whether they need one or one thousand extensions, the telecommunications service provider can make it happen. 

The company has served the needs of countless customers, from insurance agencies to financial services to church ministries. The result is always the same: Clients get customized VoIP systems that match their exact needs. 

For more information about Intulse Meetings, visit: https://intulse.com/features/intulse-meetings-video-conferencing/