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Unified Communications: Calls, Texts, and More in One Convenient Place.

Give your organization unprecedented, easy control over your phone system in real-time with our unique VoIP phone system app & management dashboard. Available on desktop (web-based), Android, and iOS devices.


A Powerful, Unified Communications Solution that
Works With or Without Physical Phones.

Whether stationary or on the go, the Intulse VoIP phone system provides access to all forms of communication through the Intulse App. They don’t even need a physical phone or 3rd-party software to make calls, chat, or hold video meetings.

Android, iOS, or Web-Based Desktop App
Virtual Phone, Call Recording, Faxing & More
Robust CRM Integrations with Most Popular Systems
Dedicated 100% US-based support

One Solution for Your Communication Needs.

We take pride in the power and flexibility of the Intulse App and how it can help your business or organization. Beyond the standard features and add-ons, our integrations with CRMs and ChMS systems extend the power and flexibility of our VoIP phone system beyond any other system on the market.

Virtual Phone

Easily manage phone calls regardless of where you are, via your extension, using the Intulse App on your desktop or mobile device.

Record & Monitor Calls

The Intulse Dashboard allows administrators and users to record and monitor calls through the app interface.

Transfer Calls

Easily park and transfer calls to other extensions and phones using the Intulse App with just a few clicks of the mouse or finger.

SMS Texting

Send & receive SMS text messages using your business numbers, which can be routed to individual users or message channels.


The Intulse App allows users to send and receive faxes, which can be routed to individuals or groups within your organization.

Virtual Conference Rooms

Need to speak to groups? Easily create, manage, and join conference calls and virtual conference rooms using the Intulse App.

Customizable Phone Screen

The Intulse App allows users and administrators to customize the “My Phone” screen, which is often the most used screen by users.

Internal Contact Access

Easily see everyone in your organization in a clear, intuitive interface. Quickly see who is currently on hold, and retrieve calls as necessary.

Intulse does everything in just one app. Other VoIP providers require two (or more) apps to accomplish all of the same functions. This unique difference is one of the main reasons that business like yours have dropped the “one-size-fits-all” providers and switched to Intulse.

Give your organization unprecedented, easy control over your phone system, in real-time, with our unique app for iPhone, Android, and Chrome Browser.

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