All Intulse provided phones ship pre-configured and are simple to deploy.  When your client’s network is properly configured, it is often as easy as “Plug and Play.”

Centralized management

The Intulse VoIP service and infrastructure is cloud based and centrally managed.  All configuration, customizations, and upgrades are taken care of by Intulse directly.  This means there are no local servers to deal with, or hardware to take care of for your client.


The Intulse infrastructure and VoIP network spans multiple data centers across the United States and runs on one of the largest VoIP networks in the world.  Our data centers are truly state of the art facilities utilizing multiple power feeds from the utility grid, redundant UPS/Generator backup and cooling systems, and physical access restrictions. Redundant fiber paths into our data centers connect us to some of the world’s most significant Internet backbones. This translates to solid, reliable connections for your client.

Dedicated support

Our in-house, US based support team is available to answer your questions and provide quality support to you as a reseller or partner.  Our support team lives and breathes in the tech world and will work with you to get your client setup correctly, the first time, every time.


Whether you are an authorized Reseller, or Partner, you will enjoy the benefits of increased revenue.  Not only will you receive benefits from Intulse, but you’ll also have more opportunities to interface directly with your clients. (billable hours)

Full Service offering

Whether you are an MSP, VAR, or something else, you’re probably always looking for more ways to provide value to your client.  Offering the Intulse enterprise class phone system is a great way add value to your service offerings and become even more integrated with your client.

Reseller Types

Type 1 Reseller

As a Type 1 Reseller, Intulse will take care of billing your clients directly every month for our service. You will earn income upfront during the sales process and have limited responsibility thereafter.


  1. Upfront income.
  2. Support is handled by Intulse.
  3. We will bill your clients directly for our service.

Type 2 Reseller

As a Type 2 (designed for MSPs and VARs) Reseller, you will handle the Tier-1 support & billing to your clients directly. As a MSP or VAR, this provides great opportunity for more interaction with your clients.


  1. Discounted monthly fees for you.
  2. Set your own price for your client.
  3. You receive priority support so you can help your clients quickly.
  4. Intulse will not compete with your clients. We believe in partnerships that are built on trust.

We don’t just care about phones. We want to help your business thrive.

Make the Better Call & Improve Your Bottom Line

with the power of Intulse’s hosted VoIP phone services.