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Using Your Cloud-Based Phone System To Prepare Your Business For An Emergency

In the event of emergency situations, businesses can hope to be one thing: prepared. During an emergency, the main aim is to ensure your business continues operating.

Keeping business operations’ running as usual’ during unexpected events like floods, earthquakes, or a global pandemic can be challenging. Problems like missed calls, limited phone line access, stagnant business growth, and more, often arise.

Carefully auditing your current risk assessment will help to inform any emergency planning you may need to conduct before an one occurs. Research like this can help ensure your business is prepared to handle any emergency scenario.

In the event of an emergency

Business emergencies happen more often than many would like to admit, from natural disasters to other emergencies. These emergency scenarios, when disaster strikes without warning, often put businesses out of commission without proper planning.

Every business should prepare for emergencies, including:

  • Natural disasters– such as floods, drought, fire, landslides, and storms
  • Human-caused emergencies– such as crime, terrorism, or riots
  • Technological errors or downfalls– such as explosions, building or bridge collapse.

Having a business continuity plan in place and a suite of tools that support your business in all situations will help guide your business before, during, and after an emergency. And one of the most critical parts of your business you should plan for? Your phone system.

Cloud-based phone systems work, regardless of circumstances

Don’t leave your business up to chance or the perfect set of circumstances. Let’s be honest – business doesn’t always go to plan. But with a reliable VoIP system you can trust, you regain control of your business’s operations and enact disaster recovery planning without scrambling to contact your team.

Cloud-based options mean:

  • Business continuities in all events
  • Workers stay connected
  • Staff becomes empowered to go mobile
  • Plans for data backup and recovery are in place

What’s the difference between my traditional phone service and the newer VoIP solutions available today?

We often hear this question: what’s the difference between my traditional phone service and the newer cloud-based VoIP services available today?

To understand the differences, you must first understand a little bit about the limitations of your traditional phone service that runs over copper wires. You are limited to one call per line, so with your local provider, you’re going to need to purchase multiple lines to handle the number of calls that you want to be able to make at the same time.

One of the worst things that could happen is for all of your lines to be tied up and a prospect to call in and get a busy signal. No external communication means no business. That means that revenue gets lost, and you don’t even know about it.

Two types of VoIP solutions are available nowadays to replace your existing copper phone service – on-premise VoIP and cloud-based VoIP solutions.

On-premise VoIP

On-premise VoIP solutions offer better features and reliability than copper wires but still have many disadvantages. Some of these drawbacks include:

  • Expensive hardware that you need to purchase and have placed inside your building
  • Trained staff
  • Ongoing maintenance can be expensive

Cloud-based VoIP

With the Intulse cloud-based VoIP solutions, you have none of those. There’s no hardware investment. Maybe you pick up a few new IP phones. Instead, you have us set up your system completely, precisely how you want it. We take care of any changes. We also take care of all your support for a fixed monthly, affordable recurring payment.

So here at Intulse, with our hosted VoIP solution, you can ensure that the next caller to your business will not get a busy signal. Cloud phone systems offer benefits and flexibility that other options can’t compete with.

Don’t let any disaster leave your business in peril

The Intulse App provides many valuable features accessible at your fingertips. As a unified communication tool, the Intulse dashboard offers your organization a hub for communication and control over your phone system. It is user-friendly and intuitive; you install it and use it just like any other app.

The Intulse App also allows you to send and receive text messages. The key component is that you’re using one of your business numbers to initiate that text, so the text history is there for others in your organization to see, giving you the convenience of texting from your cell phone without using your personal cell number.

Another huge convenience of the Intulse dashboard is the ability to manage your voicemail through the graphical user interface (GUI). With the click of a mouse, you can either save, forward, or delete a voicemail. Typically, you have to do all that from your desk phone.

Keep your business running – always

We get it; no one likes to think about a disaster. But considering the possibility of a disaster and planning accordingly for any emergency is critical to any business. Intulse has taken steps to ensure that your phone system will stay online, providing the communications services you need to support your business continuity and emergency preparedness plan.

Our team works with organizations of all sizes to help you fully harness the power of our unified communications tools. From support and training to solutions that help you get the most out of your Intulse phone system, we help your business understand how to use these tools, and you only pay for the tools and features you want.

Where ease and preparation collide

When you equip your business to handle anything, emergencies and unexpected events no longer uproot your operations. With the help of a cloud-based VoIP provider like the experts at Intulse, you can rest easy knowing your business is protected and running smoothly.

To learn more about how you can get the Intulse App at your fingertips, visit our website or talk with our experts today.