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Join other The Brokerage Inc. members already using Intulse, the only phone system recommended by both The Brokerage Inc. and AgencyBloc.

The Brokerage Inc. has negotiated for its agents to receive a 50% discount on signup fees and up to a 20% discount on recurring extension fees.

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The Power of Intulse & Your Agency Management System

Intulse takes the power of your agency management system (such as AgencyBloc) for health and life insurance agencies to the next level.

Deep integration with your agency management system means you get the convenience of call logging, call recording, the ability to add detailed call notes, and so much more.

And yes, they’ll greatly assist you in maintaining compliance documentation, such as having your calls automatically recorded and logged to meet the 2023 CMS Ruling.

Virtual Phone

Easily manage phone calls regardless of where you are, via your extension, using the Intulse App on your desktop or mobile device.

Record & Monitor Calls

The Intulse Dashboard allows administrators and users to record and monitor calls through the app interface.

Transfer Calls

Easily park and transfer calls to other extensions and phones using the Intulse App with just a few clicks of the mouse or finger.

SMS Texting

Send & receive SMS text messages using your business numbers, which can be routed to individual users or message channels.


The Intulse App allows users to send and receive faxes, which can be routed to individuals or groups within your organization.

Virtual Conference Rooms

Need to speak to groups? Easily create, manage, and join conference calls and virtual conference rooms using the Intulse App.

Customizable Phone Screen

The Intulse App allows users and administrators to customize the “My Phone” screen, which is often the most used screen by users.

Internal Contact Access

Easily see everyone in your organization in a clear, intuitive interface. Quickly see who is currently on hold, and retrieve calls as necessary.

The Power of a Feature-Rich Insurance Agency Phone System

We work with insurance companies of all sizes to harness the power of our unified communications tool. We make it our mission always to deliver seamless scalability, HD-quality voice, and features that power mobility, collaboration, and efficiency.

App & Dashboard
CRM Integration
Time-Based Routing
Virtual Receptionist
Customized Greetings
Conference Calls

Intulse App & Dashboard

Give your office staff and insurance agents unprecedented, easy control over your phone system in real-time with our unique app.

CRM Integration

Our Cloud-based phone system is capable of integrating with popular CRM packages (such as AgencyblocNowCerts, QQCatalyst, and other popular CRMs) for extraordinary call reporting.

Time-Based Routing

Depending of the time of day, calls can be intelligently routed to different destinations, allowing callers to connect with you more easily.

Virtual Receptionist

Calls can be answered efficiently and consistently with personalized recordings.

Customized Greetings

Give your phone system a personalized touch by recording your own prompts and greetings.

Conference Calls

Unlimited conference extensions make it convenient to schedule virtual meetings with new clients or prospects.

We don’t just care about phones. We want to help your business thrive.

Make the Better Call & Improve Your Bottom Line

with the power of Intulse’s hosted VoIP phone services.