Don’t Like the Sound of Your Own Voice? Use a Professional Voice Actor

Using a professional voice actor for your phone system greetings and messages is an inexpensive yet distinctive way to impress anyone calling your organization.

Explore Voices

Listen to some sample recordings from a number of voice actors, or we can help you find the “right voice” for your business.


Select your desired voice actor and Intulse will help you script a series of greetings for your Intulse VoIP phone system.

Get Started

Intulse will work with the voice actor to create the recordings and get them set up in your phone system.

Get a Greeting from a Professional Voice Actor

Choose any one of our 28000 voice actors from around the world who speak more than 50 languages and dialects or allow us to suggest the best one for your project.

We don’t just care about phones. We want to help your business thrive.

Make the Better Call & Improve Your Bottom Line

with the power of Intulse’s hosted VoIP phone services.