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Workflow Automation & Communication: Zapier Is King

Have you ever heard of workflow automation or process automation? If not, you may have to do some heavy lifting to get out from under that rock. If you have, then you have probably heard of Zapier.

Using workflow automation solutions (a.k.a. middleware) to enhance, improve, or make your work life easier is a thing, and Zapier is its ruler.

What is Workflow Automation or Process Automation?

Workflow automation generally refers to using 3rd party software to automate business tasks or activities without human input or action. Basically, you can remove manual processes and steps and automate them, like adding a client’s contact information into a database when you receive it in an email from a form on a website.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a web-based middleware platform that enables users to connect applications like messaging apps or CRMs (Customer Relationship Management software) and automate workflows. They call these automations Zaps.

For example, you can integrate website forms with email platforms and CRMs to perform complex, multi-step workflows. These are made far easier with Zapier, often automating and simplifying what had been a manual process.

Over 5,000 Apps Connected, & Intulse is One of Them

Zapier makes your work life easier by connecting inbound lead sources like email and website forms to applications like CRMs. While Intulse has integrations with many of the most popular systems like SalesForce and Zoho CRM, Zapier can take the automation with Intulse to new levels.

What Can Intulse Do with Zapier?

The Intulse integration with Zapier is powerful and can streamline call workflows and lead capture for your business. Here is an example of how Intulse and Zapier work with 3rd-party systems to simplify your life through workflow automation.

Perhaps you receive a new SMS text message to your business:

  • The Zap triggers when the Intulse phone system sends over information about the SMS text message. Inside the Zap
    • A message is notification is sent out via a system like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or even email to your sales team that includes the body of the text message.
    • Using the SMS phone number, Zapier can connect to your CRM, pull up customer details, make notes in your CRM, and even include that client’s information through email or Slack notifications to your team.
  • Inside the Intulse system:
    • When the SMS text is received, the Intulse phone system sends an automated response of your choice to that client, assuring them that they will hear from your team shortly.
    • A record of this interaction can be created in your CRM (SalesForce, Zoho CRM, or others).
  • A member of your sales team responds by clicking to call. Inside of the Intulse system:
    • A call timer starts running, perhaps for billing purposes, which is later logged in your CRM.
    • Because Intulse connects to your tools and Zapier, the call activity, including any notes you want to take, are added to the customer record in your CRM.
    • You can even have a Zap trigger that looks up the customer information and starts a phone call from one of your team members automatically.

This is a simple example, but hopefully you can see how Intulse paired with Zapier can significantly reduce the perceived response time from your organization. At the same time, the automation saves your team time and enables a much faster response time with less work on their end to find the client’s information in your systems.

Is Combining Zapier with Intulse a Smart Choice for Your Business?

Of course we have to say yes. Zapier has been leading the workflow automation industry for years. The team at Intulse thrives on providing solutions that make the lives of our partners easier. That means building and creating solutions and integrations that make it possible to automate or simplify your work.

Tools like Zapier can take the automations of our VoIP phone system to a new level of awesome, while reducing your monthly phone costs. We can also better equip your workforce and help streamline your business processes. Interested? You can sign up today, or if you need more advanced integrations you can schedule a meeting with one of our business phone system experts!