Our mission is to provide software and services for organizations to help them serve their clients and communities with ever-increasing impact.


Our vision is to make every organization, that we can serve, become raving fans of Intulse.

Core Values

We believe we must cling to our unchanging values in an ever-changing world. Our core values are PeopleStewardshipIntegrity, and Excellence.


We strive to love others as much as we love ourselves and we help people become all that they are capable of. We serve people with humility and invest our time, talents, and treasure into our staff and clients.


We cherish the people and resources in our care. We help our staff invest their time, talents, and treasures wisely. We help our clients invest in products and services that give their business increased impact. We seek financial viability by wisely making the most of the company’s resources with at least the same determination that we use to guard and conserve our personal resources.


We build trust and conduct ourselves with uncompromising honesty. We strive to earn enduring credibility with others, which we believe is essential to long-term relationships. We make commitments with care, and then live up to them.


We strive to create and deliver world class products and services. We pursue continuous improvement, learning, doing more with less, innovation, distinction, and quality. We are passionate about having a positive attitude, a fulfilling work environment, taking reasonable risks, and having fun – as we work to the best of our ability. We define success as doing the right things well.