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A People-First Approach to Rock RMS Phone System Integration

Intulse VOIP phone solutions provide churches and ministries with a flexible, feature-rich communications system on a robust network that can grow and change with your organization.

From a few hundred to several thousand attendees, from 1 campus to multi-campus, our team works with them all to ensure they fully harness the power of our unified communications tools. We take time to get to know your unique needs and offer support and training to help you get the most out of your church’s VoIP phone system.

Get the Right Fit for Your Needs

Intulse is taking the power of Rock RMS to the next level through a custom integration designed to give one-click access from your database to your phone and back. Combined with optimized tracking, call logging, and mobile capabilities, welcome to a church VoIP phone system that’s truly dialed into the way you want to serve your members and guests.

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Focus on Relationships

For churches that are adopting Rock and want an even more complete picture of your church’s interactions with your community, integration between your phones and Rock RMS is needed.

Use your time to focus on those relationships, not troubleshooting your church’s phone system! Intulse has a free plugin that connects Rock to your Intulse VoIP phone service and helps your team to organize call notes, enable click-to-dial, and so much more.

Reap the benefits of Intulse VoIP + Rock RMS

Get the most out of Rock RMS. You get all of these features built-in for free with Intulse’s VoIP phone service:


provide detail on who is calling and offer a direct link to that record in Rock

View Call History

and log calls with detailed notes, including just one click to a full call recording (if one was made)

Call Notes

add detailed notes to the phone call or text messaging (SMS) logs easily


means you simply click on the phone number inside of Rock and you'll be calling them (no need to retype or copy the number)

Auto Call-Logging

means you don't need to remember to log the call in Rock RMS

Text Message Logging

happens automatically so you have a complete record at your fingertips (because not all communication happens by email or phone call)

Make the better call & better your business​

A VoIP Partner You Can Trust

Our US-based customer service, commitment to our clients, easy-to-use software, and our 4.6-star rating earned us a feature as a 2020 Best-Value VOIP by

But don’t just take our word for it. We promise to do what we say and earn your trust as a valued partner. And, if that’s not enough, we back it up with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our mission, vision, and clear values set us apart from the others.

Here’s what one of our church phone system clients has to say about Intulse:

“Feature-packed, low-cost with excellent Service. I like everything about Intulse! Their phones, software, Rock RMS integration and support are first rate. I highly recommend them to all of the organizations I work with as a church technology consultant.”

— Mark, MK Consulting


Featured Case Study

Local Church Saves Money and Finds Solution With Integrated VoIP Pone Systems


St. Luke’s United Methodist Church works hard to serve its congregation and community members as best they can. But without adequate communication abilities or remote access to their phone lines, that simple goal becomes much more challenging than it sounds. St. Luke’s came to Intulse needing a solution for their church phone systems. The results? Well, see for yourself.

Testimonials from Churches We Serve

“Intulse is a great VOIP solution that works great with our Rock DB Software Installation..”

” Intulse also has great customer service (we know our’s Techs by name). We don’t have to worry about all the technical setup when we need to add an extension or DID–they do everything! We have worked well with the Intulse team even with some of our more complicated ring-throughs and multiple line set-ups. I personally like the virtual phone app that works on my mobile device. I can answer my desk phone calls and check voicemails anywhere. I strongly suggest you give them a try especially if you have and are using the Rock.”

Robert Elliott,.~ Director of Technology at St. Luke Methodist Church

Powerful Features From Your VoIP as a Service

Intulse offers church management system integration to seamlessly connect you, your staff, your community, and your church.

Our powerful call routing capabilities, amazing integration, and the nearly endless features of our unique Software Dashboard mean you’ll always stay in touch and on top. Enjoy unified communications from all aspects of your Rock RMS integrations.

Our integration features include:

  • Make and receive calls with the click of a button
  • SMS messages to congregants
  • Extensions
  • Call routing
  • Vanity numbers
  • Call reporting
  • …and more!

How it Works

Check out this 7 Minute Demo Video of our Rock + Intulse Integration to get a better understanding of what our integration can do for you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Intulse takes the power of Rock RMS to the next level through a VoIP integration designed to give one-click access from your database to your phone and back. Combined with optimized tracking, call logging and mobile capabilities, welcome to a phone solution that is truly dialed into the way you want to serve your members and guests.

  • Alerts provide detail on who is calling and offer a direct link to that record in Rock
  • View call history and log calls with detailed notes including a full call recording link with one click
  • Get an info box displaying photo, connection and record status when you click the name of a person on an active call
  • Leverage our click-to-call feature for every phone number in the Rock database
  • Use the Intulse Plug-in for Rock to have every phone interaction auto-logged
  • Get your SMS messages auto-logged to Rock
  • Add detailed notes to phone call or SMS logs easily

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Intulse provides these Rock RMS VoIP phone system integration features:

  • One-click access from your database to your phone and back
  • Call tracking
  • Call history, with detailed notes
  • Call recording
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Detailed alerts on who is calling and a direct link to that record in Rock
  • View call history and log calls
  • Click the name of a person on an active call and get an info box displaying photo, connection & record status
  • Use our click-to-call feature for every phone number in the Rock database
  • Have all phone interactions auto-logged using the Intulse Plug-in for Rock
  • Have all SMS messages auto-logged to Rock
  • Easily add detailed notes to phone call or SMS logs
  • …and many more VoIP features.

Yes: almost every active voice/fax number is portable via federal guidelines, meaning you can likely keep your phone number. Intulse can confirm if your numbers are portable as part of the discovery call (schedule here).

Maybe. If you are currently on a cloud-based VoIP system, you can likely reuse your VoIP phones. If on a traditional analog system, then yes. There are also options to not use a physical phone at all (you can make/receive calls from a computer or a smartphone that you already have).

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