Safeguard Your Church & Ensure Accountability

It may seem odd to see a communications provider talking about security and accountability. But we know it’s important for churches to safeguard their reputation and keep their staff and people protected.

Why not make that easier with a phone system that integrates with your church software, and can log all communications (calls, texts, and more) automatically?

See Some Churches Who Discovered Security With Intulse

Provide Security & Accountability By Connecting Your Church Database With The Intulse Phone System

When integrated with church management software, the Intulse App provides a layer of security that helps to keep staff and community above reproach with robust reporting and logging.

Gain Insight Into Calls & Texts Sent Or Received By Staff

Calls/Texts Are Automatically Logged & Optionally Recorded

Protect Your Staff & Your People From False Accusations

Link With Your ChMS to Track Conversations With Members & Staff

Personal Numbers Are Protected As Caller ID Shows The Church Name & Number

Get Desktop Call Alerts With Caller Info From Your ChMS

We don’t just care about phones. We want to help your ministry thrive.

Make the Better Call & Improve Your Communications

with the power of Intulse’s hosted VoIP phone services.