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Maximizing your business growth while taking care of your current insurance clients can be challenging. With the help of Intulse, we are here to support you in increasing your productivity, expanding accessibility, and enhancing customer experiences across all of your platforms. 

As an insurance expert, understanding your clients and communicating with them effectively is crucial. Our expansive list of features allows you to measure agent call metrics, so you can ensure your team meets the goals they should and clients stay happy. 

In addition, our cloud-based product can be tailored to your insurance business needs and integrates with your current CRM. Whether you have an existing CRM you love or aren’t sure which option to move forward with; our experts are here to help. 

Get Connected. Stay Connected.

Built exclusively for independent insurance agencies, Intulse includes all of the best VoIP/internet phone features your business wants and needs. Intulse VOIP business phone solutions help you get connected and stay connected

Our VoIP CRM integrations allow your insurance agents and sales teams to synchronize, both in and out of the office. Make calls, receive incoming calls, connect with clients, and send and receive messages from virtually anywhere using the same number you use for your office.

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VoIP + CRM Solutions and Integrations for Insurance Agencies

Intulse VoIP can integrate with powerful CRM platforms and open a whole new level of efficiency and functionality for your team. 

Our integrations include: 

Insurance CRM Integrations to Get Your Agents Selling

Our integrations are designed to set your agents up for success and streamline their processes. Intulse’s Insurance CRM VOIP integrations and support help accomplish just that, from managing renewals to tracking customer data and calls.

Keep your business running smoothly from start to finish. 


Provide detail on who is calling and offer a direct link to that record in AgencyBloc.

Call History and Logs

View Call History and log calls with detailed notes, including a full call recording link with one click.

Pinned Notes

Keep essential details top-of-mind. Click the client's name who you're talking with to get an infobox displaying the servicing Agent and most important notes.


Click on any phone number in the AgencyBloc database to quickly call them.

Auto Call Logging

Auto call logging means every phone interaction will automatically be logged as a note in the appropriate AgencyBloc record.

Call Notes

Document everything you need from the call; there's no need to log into AgencyBloc and find the client's record manually.

Testimonials from Insurance Companies

RFS Health

“Helped cut down costs and saved time”

“I made it a point to build our tech stack based on integrations between platforms so automation could replace the need to invest in more human capital. Its integrations with my other platforms allowed me to be more productive at a fraction of the cost of hiring a new admin. And speaking of costs, they are not the only VoIP provider I vetted that could integrate with other platforms. But they were by far the most flexible and competitively priced for more value than I had anticipated.”

Lauren E. ~ Benefits Consultant, RFS Health

Better your Agency with Insurance VoIP CRM Integrations

Our process is simple for getting started. Improve your workflows and simplify operations for your team to keep them as efficient as possible. Connect with our team to get started and allow our expert to take it from there. 

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Ready to take your phone system for your insurance agency to the next level? So are we! 
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About Intulse VoIP for Insurance

Our US-based customer service, commitment to our clients, easy-to-use software, and 4.6-star rating earned us a feature as 2020’s Best Valued VOIP by

But don’t just take our word for it. We promise to do what we say and earn your trust as a valued partner. And, if that’s not enough, we back it up with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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  • CRM Integrations: Agencybloc, Salesforce, and Zoho CRM
  • Custom pricing that meets your specific needs and budget
  • 4.6 Capterra Rating awarded 2020 Best Value VoIP provider
  • US-Based dedicated long-term customer service and support
  • Flexible device options allow you to buy new phones or bring your own devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, almost every active voice/fax number is portable via federal guidelines, meaning you can likely keep your office phone number. Intulse can confirm if your numbers are portable as part of the discovery call.

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Depends. If you are currently on a Cloud Based VoIP system, we can likely reuse your VoIP phones. If on a traditional analog system, then yes. There are also options to not use a physical phone at all.

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None. Our onboarding professionals will be able to assist you with transitioning VoIP service in a seamless manner, affording you zero downtime in making this valuable change. Learn more about switching to VoIP from traditional phone lines.

Learn More About Insurance CRM VoIP Integrations

Assuming you already have a broadband (not DSL) connection, you are likely fine. Our Codec uses 100 KBps per phone call, which means you can make/receive 10 simultaneous calls and you are only using 1 MB of bandwidth. Want more detail? Contact us or see our help documentation about network readiness.

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No. While the phones on your desk may not be able to ring due to internet/power outage at your location, the hosting site where your phone server resides is still up and functioning. We have several App & call forwarding options to keep you in touch with your customers and prospects.

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No, they are not required with Intulse.

Unlike other providers, we’re confident we’ll earn your trust, so we offer month-to-month as our standard contract.

However, with our custom pricing based on your needs and budget, we have the opportunity to offer you additional reduced rates if you want a long-term contract.

It’s important to check with your existing provider to be sure you are not currently under a long-term contract.

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That is very possible. With the Intulse Dashboard App. You can make and receive calls on your Apple/Android device easily, without disclosing your personal cell number.

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If you use another provider, the answer is Yes! However, Intulse takes care of all the system set-up and ongoing updates/changes/alterations for you… it’s a breeze! We become an extension of your organization, supporting your phone system. And did we mention that all of our support is US-based?

Learn More About Insurance CRM VoIP Integrations

Intulse has VoIP integration with AgencyBloc, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, HubSpot, and more. If you’re using a different CRM, we’d love to build the integration for free (see details).

Learn More About Insurance CRM VoIP Integrations

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